When Did I start Blogging?

dscn1216I started blogging one month ago when I first decided that I have found a platform where I could pen my ideas and share my world to the world.

I had been running my home business for the past few years  and as soon as I did, I noticed just how much my mum-centric world of parenting has changed as it has allowed me to have more time on dealing with family matters on a daily basis now that I was a self-employed single mum with a young daughter.                                                                                        dscn1215My blog was launched as a way for me to highlight my interior decorating work that I create for home decoration, how I run my family life, my travel and everything that happens in our daily life.

Sharing my moments of what is happening through my blog will hopefully be a great art of how we are growing in the aspects of my work, our family life, where we go and any new ideas that we come to think of, we maybe would be sharing them to the world. dscn1214Working from home is so just ideal for me.  It is a great place to relax when I feel I need the time from my work.  And since that I have started blogging, I am becoming more aware of also creating time to blog aside of my home business.


And while I write one post, I become more excited on what the next topic would be about.

Blogging is fun, and working from home is more fun than I had expected it to. dscn1213 (Please note that pictures and writings belongs to My Country Epoque)