A Visit to London – Part Three

Good afternoon everyone.  I hope that you have all had some wonderful moments with families and friends on Christmas day and with lots of prezzies.  Same here, we spent a great day, calm, tranquil and happy.   

Since Christmas has been the centre of normal days, I did not have time to make a post about the last visit of London.  And here I am sharing with  you some of my pictures I did on my last visit to London in November. Read more

This year is already running too fast!

002I have so many things that I think I would like to share with everyone I love and know.  I have thoughts, consideration, reflections, observations and many things that create happiness or make us admire, surprised and amazed.
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Bleak Flow of Existence

Bleak stretch of time comes crawl in, always unannounced, and overlooked. They grab you by a bombshell, and when you look for the bullets you cannot even find a trigger to confront with them.  All you can manage to survive with is some old songs of faded times that made you felt better once.
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Photos of the past!

003I am bringing back a bit of my past that I have already posted on certain occasions here on my blog.  Like we say, “the past is a good place to visit.” My white and blue jug vase never ceased to accompany some flowers, I love filling this jug with flowers, wouldn’t you if you have some jugs like mine?
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Paris – The Bataclan and its Tragedy

I am lost for words – I cannot even think!
It has never been my intention to bring politics to my blog.  I am not doing so in a political manner. But I am forcing myself tonight to write this small paragraph.
I am trying to think about what has happened in the Bataclan in Paris today.  It is so much an unimaginable scene and so disturbing to think what could happen tomorrow in the next street in Paris, or London, or New York,  or Brussels and to name.  We are living a life that we cannot walk anymore, we only have to run, but until when are we going to stop living this fearing lifestyle?
Why are we allowing religion, greed, power, money, war and mentalities to batter us so much like they are doing actually?  How many more years shall we wait before men can sit at the same table and say “We Have changed The World?”
The Future of our Children’s generations are at risk, and the generation of our grandchildren are not looking any good either.
Thank you to those of my families and friends who have been in touch with me to know that my child and myself were safe and well from last night unthinkable agony.  As they know I often travel to France.
My heart goes out to those families who have lost loved ones!
God Bless Paris, France and the World!

When Did I start Blogging?

dscn1216I started blogging one month ago when I first decided that I have found a platform where I could pen my ideas and share my world to the world.

I had been running my home business for the past few years  and as soon as I did, I noticed just how much my mum-centric world of parenting has changed as it has allowed me to have more time on dealing with family matters on a daily basis now that I was a self-employed single mum with a young daughter.                                                                                        dscn1215My blog was launched as a way for me to highlight my interior decorating work that I create for home decoration, how I run my family life, my travel and everything that happens in our daily life.

Sharing my moments of what is happening through my blog will hopefully be a great art of how we are growing in the aspects of my work, our family life, where we go and any new ideas that we come to think of, we maybe would be sharing them to the world. dscn1214Working from home is so just ideal for me.  It is a great place to relax when I feel I need the time from my work.  And since that I have started blogging, I am becoming more aware of also creating time to blog aside of my home business.


And while I write one post, I become more excited on what the next topic would be about.

Blogging is fun, and working from home is more fun than I had expected it to. dscn1213 (Please note that pictures and writings belongs to My Country Epoque)



Sharing my world to the world

Today 23rd October 2014, I decided to enter the Blogging World.   Have I become a creator?
It’s been a while since I have heard about blogging, read about it, and then thought I should give it a go.  It wasn’t a difficult choice to make, I had found a platform where I could pen aspects of life that rotates the planet earth and exploit my pictures of travel to write about people, places and everything else that constitute part of this world.

Before I started to write just anything here today, I stared at a blank page on a screen.  And I thought, “Why do I have to do it?” It took me hours before I could imagine that I wanted to share some stories, then came the question “what kind of stories and what am I going to write about?”   

It didn’t take me that long to come to my senses that creating my own blog is not only to get to know the world, but to also share my world to the world.  Reaching out to the streams of humanity was a dream come true. I was already framing  sketches of where I go, what I see, what I do and how I live my daily life.  Sharing my ideas to those who will read about my passion, my work that I bring into the community where I live.  
Writing is fun,  but loneliness is not.  When writing I find myself alone, but my ideas, my screen,  and words are like human beings to me, since they keep me going.  You don’t have to be a writer, a journalist or an author to write.  Anyone can write.  If you can hold a pen, or a keyboard, you can still write something.  
And writing my own blog has given me the chance to share the love of the daily pastures of the life, the creations, and the travel I live for.
And I am already guessing what will be my second topic after my first introduction.
(Pictures and writing belongs to My Country Epoque and they are my original properties)