The Call

dscn0344I have been thinking about “change,” and who I was this time 21 years ago.  I know I was a lot more, soft, timid, and I allowed lots into my life.  I am no longer that person anymore.

This time 21 years ago, I was waiting on a call that I thought was never going to come.  And now, I am making the call.

I do not know exactly when I changed, or how, but I know at some point, between cutting my strings, escaping my cage, and building my wings, I set myself free.                                       471756_306322786126473_587840278_o“I have made mistakes I can never rewind and I have excuses that you will never believe” and when I think back on this phrase, it is the one meaning that gives me confidence and alerts me that “I AM NOT PERFECT” and to me perfectly “IMPERFECT ” makes me GREAT deep within me.

I have driven many roads, some of them with dangerous sharp bends,   but one thing I experienced along the way is that “the BOULEVARD to TRIUMPH was DUSTY with many enticing stopping bays.”                                                                                            dscn1993-copy-copy-copyAt certain crossroads, I felt there is something I needed to do which I should have done many years ago.  I got rid of a streams of connections and they fell out because I shook the branches of my life, and am glad I did.

My hardest regrets are  the days spent with the wrong flow of peeps.  I learned my lessons, I passed my exams, and I am glad I went through them all, and when I look back on the years, they all make sense to me.

And here I am today, standing my grounds, strong, intelligent, mature and experienced. I progressed from them all.  It was not easy, it was hard, but I did it, and I can tell you, I have become a well tough person and still good at heart!                                                                             dscn1992I have made the best decisions, and at some points, I have reached a certain parts of my goals in life, though there “maybe” still more to achieve, I am happy where I have reached.  Am loving “what I have” and I don’t worry about “what I don’t have.”  I AM WHO I AM!

But I know something for sure, “Someday, someone’s going to look at me like I am the best thing in the world.”  It is like I want to say that “I cannot be good enough for everybody, but I will always be the BEST for the ones who deserves me!”

The best gift I gave to the people who came and left was my HEART because I gave them a place where there was LOVE, and it made me realised that my dream will defeat reality if I give it a chance.                                                                                                                                                  470547_306322479459837_1862265792_oWithin the boundaries of my experiences, I learned never to tell my problems to anyone, because the reflection I see from my mirror is the only person who can put me back on track.

Whenever I am in conflict with the ocean I set up my sail stronger, and I know that it is ME vs THE WINDS and no one else.

And where the “WINDS” will take me, I shall GO!                                                                                 dscn0345(Please note that writings and pictures belongs to My Country Epoque and it is my original property)

“Crossing Cheryl’s Season”

The Story in the life of a gentleman called “BRUCE” and his Wife “CHERYL”

“Crossing Cheryl’s Seasons” is all about paintings, wood carvings,  and home-made gifts.  Christmas is nearer than ever, think about making a difference and what you would buy for your loved ones by checking the page


And should you want to purchase any piece of items, please kindly inbox Cheryl at her face book page “Crossing Cheryl’s Season” to discuss about price and postage.

Today at My Country Epoque, I am taking sometime to make a difference of a gentleman called Bruce.  I came to meet with his wife on face book as a friend.  I have never met Cheryl and Bruce in person.  I am intending to do one day.  When I learned that Bruce lost his legs many years ago, the news took deep down to my heart.  

His is a gentleman and he is not like all other gentlemen.  Ok guys, but to you all who are visiting my blog today, and day by day, you will realise that Bruce is a strong person, he is hard working.  Pause for a minute while you look at his pictures and the work he does.

Look at him in his eyes.  He wish he had his legs.  Now think of all the young men out there in this world of today, how many of them wouldn’t even touch a piece of work to do to even make a living for themselves.

And look at Bruce and think of him.  With no legs to go for, he works so hard, he build a dream. And here he is in his shed realising his dream.  And I know it will break the hearts of many of you out there, but it does also brings happiness to see and learn that Bruce is trying to make a living for himself.

Let us all think of him and continue to scroll down and see pictures of what Bruce is capable of doing.

Before I end my last paragraph, “Do You Know That Every Piece Of Work” from Bruce is FOR SALE!  Kindly make a difference.  Think of what you want to give to your loved ones.  Buy something small from Bruce.

Please Contact Cheryl at “Crossing Cheryl’s Season” this Christmas Season, and make your purchase counts in the life of Bruce.

Thank you for reading about Bruce.  It is a great pleasure.

This is Bruce and his dog Holly. Holly is the love of Bruce and his wife Cheryl. It is her turn to sit in daddy’s chair.

This is a beautiful piece of wood carving made by Bruce and painted by his wife Cheryl.  It would make a great joy in the heart of a loved one for Christmas.  Have you written down your Christmas List for this year 2014?  Look nowhere else, think of what Bruce does all through the year, and please make a small difference in his life!

Could make a Kid’s Stool!  What a wonderful Christmas gift for a wonderful child for his or her bedroom.  All made by Bruce and his wife Cheryl who helps him a lot

Wow, what a wonderful bird house! Who doesn’t love birds?  Who wouldn’t want to have this in their garden for – Christmas or Next Summer Season?  Make a difference and you will remember Bruce while you sit in your garden next Summer!What a joblot of colorful wooden carvings, made by Bruce and all the lovely paintings done by his wife Cheryl. Another pretty Sunflower bird house.  We all love birds, and feeding them is a joy from the heart.  Make a joy to Bruce’s heart, for all the hard work he does, do not leave him alone with his work, make him happy by letting him know  you are out there and  you love what he does and make a small difference by purchasing one item from him. oops!  all made by him again “Bruce”.  Ready for painting.  These beauties needs a home to go to.  Would you spare a little place in your garden or your home as a decoration?  Look nowhere else this Christmas, again make a small difference in the life of Bruce.This little job is made by Cheryl, to help his Bruce with his ways of life.  Shall we call it “Angel Bracelets”?  so beautiful. Would make granddaughters, and daughters happy for Christmas, Cheryl at Crossing Cheryl’s Season is the place to check them all. Lovely wood carving, a painted picture of a red bird with green leaves.  how sweet is this.  made by hard working Bruce.We all love Angels, a painting made by Bruce’s wife.  Very colorful and beautiful, will make a wonderful Christmas gift for the mother we love at Christmas.This is a triple roofing bird house.  how many of you would love your birds to come home in a triple roof home?  This is such a beautiful piece of art.  too pretty to let someone else grab it.What is not a better way to welcome families and friends to our home sweet home?  “Welcome to our Nest”  it looks vintage, shabby and chic.  I I love this one.  Beautiful painting.  looks old, chic and shabby.  would make a beautiful decoration in the home. “Angel Bracelets”  made of colorful beads.  You just cannot forget of your daughters and granddaughters for Christmas.  An “Angel Bracelet” will make a happy Christmas day for her.  All at the hard work of Cheryl to help her husband BruceA closer look of “Angel Bracelet”Wouldn’t this pretty yellow piece make a beautiful decoration in a little one’s bedroom?   At the hard work of Bruce.After scrolling down to see all the hard work of Bruce, I would imagine you feel in your heart for him.  Make him aware he is respected for his hard work  and that you will make that small difference in his life this CHRISTMAS!
Thank you for taking your time to learn about Bruce, his life, and what he does without being on two legs like any other gentlemen out there in the world.

Vintage Floral Chic and Shabby!

From Mother’s home to Old Grandmother’s House. “The Past Is always a Good Place to Visit” 

Cushions are my must have in home accessories complement                                                         005I am sharing with you a taste of my current vintage floral design.  I search for my inspiration from the interior decorative world around me and I am sure you will take a like in my cushion designs that I have for you. 

I am crazily a fanatic of cushions and the more I could talk about it, I wouldn’t let it go.  Cushions are elegant, stylish and durable.  One can make a collection of colours that will make your home looks fresh, inviting and interesting in every room in your home.  Decorating with colourful  cushions is fun.                                                                                               002 My Country Epoque adds happiness to your home, and colourful cushions with floral patterns are all just simple.  The cushions by Maude are all created “home-made” with lots of passions.

For those who loves bright, colourful floral cushions, my best advice for you is that a neutral  coloured sofa will add a touch of beauty in your room as all the colours of your cushions will add the beautiful decorative touch that you have been looking for.  When choosing your cushions , don’t go overboard with it.                                                                            006

I would imagine that we all have something that we still remember from our grandmother’s house – from an old kettle to the Lavender tea cups – and what about the vintage floral cushions on the old wooden chair, Do you remember?  
007Red poppies and blue sweet peas floral in the Laura Ashley fabric design – all shabby and chic – Vintage Floral Blueberry and Green in the Laura Ashley Fabric Design
003Vintage Embroidery – have always been chic and shabby!  It kind of lost touch from the vestige lifestyle and became quiet for a very long time.  They have even made a massive bounce back in the aspects of fabrics and vintage decorations for home.  They are even my favourite.  I am always searching for them to keep my customers happy and satisfied.          009

008What is not chic and shabby when it comes to Vintage Floral Decoration?                                   004(please note that pictures and writings belongs to My Country Epoque and they are my properties) 


When Did I start Blogging?

dscn1216I started blogging one month ago when I first decided that I have found a platform where I could pen my ideas and share my world to the world.

I had been running my home business for the past few years  and as soon as I did, I noticed just how much my mum-centric world of parenting has changed as it has allowed me to have more time on dealing with family matters on a daily basis now that I was a self-employed single mum with a young daughter.                                                                                        dscn1215My blog was launched as a way for me to highlight my interior decorating work that I create for home decoration, how I run my family life, my travel and everything that happens in our daily life.

Sharing my moments of what is happening through my blog will hopefully be a great art of how we are growing in the aspects of my work, our family life, where we go and any new ideas that we come to think of, we maybe would be sharing them to the world. dscn1214Working from home is so just ideal for me.  It is a great place to relax when I feel I need the time from my work.  And since that I have started blogging, I am becoming more aware of also creating time to blog aside of my home business.


And while I write one post, I become more excited on what the next topic would be about.

Blogging is fun, and working from home is more fun than I had expected it to. dscn1213 (Please note that pictures and writings belongs to My Country Epoque)