Mademoiselle Coco Chanel


You may have heard her story but if not, this is how her story unfolded after all: After Coco Chanels mother’s passed away, Coco Chanel’s father took Coco  and her two sisters off at the orphanage at the abbey of Aubazine in Corrèze, France, and abandoned them right there at the convent of Aubazine.  She was only eleven years old.

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Farm Fun

dsc_0190Hello everyone, I hope you are doing good at blogging or reading your favourite blog.  Whereas here I have tried in my own way to share my holiday stories from France, since I know lots of you loves France so well, and here today I have some more about my special country to share with you, and this is no other country than ….. France!
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My French Holiday 2016 – Chateau Pompadour

dsc_0316Last year in June 2016 I holidayed in the “Farming province of Limousin,” the greenest province of France.   I had all the marvelous time a holiday could be.   I did not get the chance to visit Chateau Pompadour as it wasn’t listed at all on the list of venues I wanted to see while there.
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dsc_0057Friendship makes life approachable and charming.  When we have good trusted friends, we have the most precious gifts of life and we are lucky enough.

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North of The Netherlands

028Last August 2015 my daughter and I took a vacation trip to the North of the Netherland to a place called Heerenveen.031Heerenveen is a town located in the province of Friesland.  It is known for its name as “Frisia” and lies in the northwest of the Netherlands.  It is situated west of Groningen, and south of the North Sea.  The capital of Friesland is “Leeuwarden.
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Exploring the Town and Villages of “Uzerche”

018Before I visited “Uzerche” I learned that it was called the “Pearl of the Limousin,” by famous English Writer, “Arthur Young.”   I thought a lot about it and why was it the Pearl of this Greenest Farming Province.  Until I visited the town and its villages, I understood why.
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Treignac the Ancient Village

DSC_0212One day in the week, we decided to go out for some visits.  Got into the car, simply dressed and off we went down the road to the charming village of Treignac.
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Lessons Learned-A Love Affair Drifted Before It Had Even Started!

dsc_0042Two  Years Later – What If? – It Only Lasted

Some years ago you were my summer romance.  Except my love for you lasted for a while.

Our story begun some years ago on a hot summer day. It was like I was only a child, but I remember everything, everything we talked about. The first few words were sweet, something inside of me bloomed.  We spent day after day talking and chatting. I felt your presence, I felt your looks. I knew we had something.

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Rouen – une ville qui pleure (Rouen – a city that mourns)

en ce jour, samedi 6 Août 2016, j’envoie mon amour à la ville de Rouen en France. Une ville qui est en deuil de la perte des vies qui ont péri dans un incendie. France un pays qui souffre jour après jour! Je me souviens des familles qui ont perdu leurs proches et mon coeur va au peuple français. repose en paix les anges. La France je t’aime!

DSC_0109In this day, Saturday 6th August 2016, I send my love to the city of Rouen in France. A city who is mourning the loss of lives that perished in a fire. France a country that is suffering day after day! I remember the families who lost their loved ones and my heart goes out to the French people. Rest In Peace angels. La France je t’aime!

What a “Pokemon Go” World

The world of Pokemon – (Pictures taken from my trip to the ancient village of “Collonge-La-Rouge” in the province of Limousin. There are some beautiful gardens surrounding the thousand years old village).  Would fashion Pokemon live in an ancient world?                                                                                                                        DONE IMG_0252I don’t really know what to write here.  I just don’t understand what is going on about this “Pokemon Go” thing that’s going around.
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France plus fort que jamais – (France Forever Strong)

France – Bastille Day 2016 – “Nice” Une ville avec un cœur saignant

Au-delà de l’imagination – comment puis-je le décrire autrement! “Nice” la ville de l’amour regardait son humanité saigné comme ils sont tombés au sol le 15 Juillet 2016. Je ne peux toujours pas comprendre pourquoi.

Mon cœur est encore lourd que je me souviens des amants déchus de “Nice”, leurs familles et amis.

Je vais continuer à écrire sur la belle France et la beauté qu’il offre au monde extérieur.

France, Nice et Paris, ensemble nous seront forts et seront toujours vous aimer.  

Que vous allez tous reposer en paix!

????????????????????????????????????France – Bastille Day 2016 – “Nice” A City with a Bleeding Heart

Beyond imagination – how can I describe it otherwise!  “Nice” the city of love watched its humankind bled as they fell to the ground on the 15th of July 2016.  I still cannot comprehend why.

My heart is still heavy as I remember the fallen lovers of “Nice,” their families and friends.

I will continue to write about beautiful France and the beauty it offers to the outside world.

France, Nice and Paris, together we will be strong and will always love you!

Rest In Peace Lovelies!

I Spent Time by the Lake of “Saint Germain Les Belles”

DSC_0139This year 2016, I chose the month of June for my summer holiday away from home.  When my daughter was still at primary and secondary school age, I waited for summer school breaks to go away with her.  Since she has now grown up into a young adult, I prefer to take my summer break before the end of school days.  I like to spend time when there is peace and tranquility.  I think I have done my days like all mums, being away with kids are great years to cherish, remembering the noises of our kids and their friends.  But then one day comes the time that we can do it alone in the tranquil and peaceful pace of time.
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Why I Implied With Social Media

Social media has become the affluence of the newsy world.

This is an unreal and phenomenal entity, an existent that rules to influence me, my friends and the a la mode world.  The reality about the internet is that it is a well-fed network of different platforms consisting of intelligent streams of humanity sending and sharing knowledge, all at unrestricted paces.

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Special Views of France

The Mont Cargan

I was supposed to be walking a 15 minutes up a hill to discover the City of Limoge at the bottom of the hill.  I wasn’t lucky that morning as I felt my temperature high and I felt like throwing up, so we ended up somewhere that I could only shot this beautiful view of the “Mont Cargan” in the Distance from a small hill of Limousin




Every Holiday Has a Story to Tell!

In The Province Of Limousin In France


At the beginning of June I took a 20 days holiday to the Province of Limousin in France.

005 IMG_0254.JPG

It’s been my dream to one day tour the province and visit all the beautiful spots that Limousin offers.  I suggested to my friend that one day I would like to visit the Village of “Collonge-la Rouge.”  Then he replied to me, “Why Collonge-la Rouge?”  The reason he asked me that question was because when he was very young, he’d visited the Collonge-La-Rouge only once, and at that time, it was only a normal historic village and nothing more of what I wanted to see today.

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“Our Forefather’s Heritage” and the “Latter-Day Mode de Vie”

Men have traveled a long journey to arrive where they are today.  Let us go way back to the centuries of our forefathers.  Most of them lived on farming and on the farms several generations lived together, and they did not have much to live on like we have today.  In modern living, most of us live in our own home and we can afford many things that can satisfy our family life.  We still have farmings as a way of life or we can call it a profession in today’s society that we embrace.  And actually many of us in one family alone can grow with good education and place ourselves in professional activities within the modern society which our ancestors and their children may not have had that great chance to abide. 

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