Christmas in a Kettle

It’s up and done!

Can you believe it is already the end of the year?  It seems as though the Christmas season approaches faster every year.  November sneaked up way too fast on me this year.  The run up to Christmas is usually a busy time of year, and at this time of year I tend to find myself under a fair bit of stress.  Yes, it’s that time of year again, when every blogger takes time out of their busy schedules to put together a post about Christmas or how they will be celebrating this family tradition.  Deck the halls and get in the Christmas spirit!  To me Christmas is a family tradition that has been passed on from one generation to another.  And without a traditional family festivity, it wouldn’t be Christmas. Read more

It Is Said That Life Has Different Colours

Evolution can forge in many shapes in our lives.  It can frame like a tidal wave, or crawl further progressively like poisonous weeds.  It can advance in the cast of a wounding agony such as unfortunate options, beaten love affairs, or even new chances of possibilities and freedom of opportunities.
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Signs of Spring – Daffodils tells us so!


Hello everybody! What’s new going on around yours in the thought of Spring? I’ve been busy with my crafting works doing quilting which will be posted a bit later in the month.   I am always on the go with my sewing as I am making some beautiful pairs of curtains that will be going to the other side of the pond in the Seychelles islands.  I wish I was in the place of these curtains, you know what I mean?  Well, but for the time being, some daffodils will do.
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Photos of the past!

003I am bringing back a bit of my past that I have already posted on certain occasions here on my blog.  Like we say, “the past is a good place to visit.” My white and blue jug vase never ceased to accompany some flowers, I love filling this jug with flowers, wouldn’t you if you have some jugs like mine?
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Fall Back, Spring Forward – Easter Gone, what next…?


It’s Waving Goodbye to Winter

009Easter has been and gone.  With March now coming to a close and spring having finally sprung.  I think it’s safe to say it is upon us.  The dust has settled after Easter, and many of us may have returned to our daily routine and back to normality.   Read more

Easter Is One Greatest Event In History

Once again spring has arrived and I am loving it.  London has been a shockingly warm and sunny place this week.  Every trees and gardens are starting to bloom, and the birds are chirping – that means Easter has already arrived.  I never understood how they decide on the date for Easter, but this year it is on March 27th

I am rather late for my Easter blogging this year, and it is only a few hours before Easter Sunday.

Actually many churches have already done their preparations for Easter Sunday.  Lilies and Daffodils are already been done.

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A Walk of Early Spring

Hello Everyone,  I haven’t been blogging since the beginning of 2016..  I have not been well for the past two months and health wise I was not doing good at all and it is not that I did not want to blog.  
The period of Spring season falls between mid-February to mid-April.
I am actually back on the blogging scene again.  And today I took my first walk of the  Spring Season.  And all the trees are embracing their beautiful colors.  And my camera have brought you some interesting pictures.
The daffodils are blooming, the sun is emerging through the clouds, the pastels are in full force, and everyone is complaining about allergies. Spring is here and it’s time to freshen up the home with some beautiful spring flower arrangements.

Spring that the sky is clear, the wind is warmer. Every aspects of nature starts to show a new lease of life, new leaves starts to show up, and the trees and plants will soon show up their first buds of Spring.026-doneThe spring season is important for all of us since we are all waiting for a change of colors in the daily lifestyle that we live. Crops start to ripen in the fields.  Farmers and their farms are happy once again, and the animals starts to enjoy the prairies in the green pastures.  Everybody feels a sense of joy and happiness.054-doneBesides, spring is a season of preparing for flower festivals.  Spring is the season of all the beautiful flowers that comes out to bloom.  Cherry Blossoms are out there everywhere. The  fields looks green and weather is neither hot nor cold.   The birds are happy since there is no cold winds to blow through their wings.001I will miss the winter, but the beauty of spring makes us forget the thick coats whilst the long sleeves jumpers only remains.  All the colorful tulips are filling the fields, gardens and shops all around the village, towns and cities.  And some gardens are blooming with their first branches of colors.068-done


And to Live in a Rugby Town where the spring season welcome so many Rugby games,  and together with my day out on a rugby day, some handsome gentlemen rugby lovers were more than pleased to pose in front of my camera.  If only they know that they are live on my blog and the world will be watching them!  I told them so that they would soon be on my blog, and they laughed it out and they did not seem to have a problem with it.

dsc_0034Spring is an interesting time of the year. Life in general is really inspiring because the weather is changing to be warmer, and school goers usually feel a bit more optimistic thinking that the year will end in just a few months, and the schooling are becoming happier days. And whilst the Peach Blossoms is feeling the air with pretty white color.
And on the River the blue sky between the branches of trees that are welcoming Spring and the Cherry Blossoms are blooming with purity and beauty!
011I  hadn’t been on this side of the river for very long time.  It gives such a tranquil sense of relaxing, quiet, calm and the branches of trees on the island are starting to show new leaves.

030-doneI hope we have enjoyed this walk together and thank you for the read!003(Please note pictures and words belongs to My Country Epoque and they are my original properties).019-done

2016, A New Year, A New Resolution, A New You Perhaps!

New Year 2016 at Home!
We all are busy in our own way and life moves pretty fast, so I want to let you know I really have appreciated your time spent out of your busy schedule to check out my blog throughout 2015!  Thank you Very Much!
My Blog will always be changing because I am, and you are too.  The World is also.  I will keep trying my best to blog more than I did in the past year and therefore,
As we welcomes a new Dawn, with Hopes in your souls and happiness in your hearts, I wish you all a New Year that makes your dreams true and fill your hearts with happiness!!!




dsc_0091(Pictures and writing belongs to My Country Epoque and they are my properties).

The Season for Special Family Tradition Is One More Time Upon Us!

Christmas 2015 at Home
Can you believe it is already the end of the year?  It seems as though the Christmas season approaches faster every year.  November sneaked up way too fast on me this year.  The run up to Christmas is usually a busy time of year, and at this time of year I tend to find myself under a fair bit of stress.
This is a time of year that people are doing lots of searching everywhere.  They are looking for the perfect gift, fun activities and traditions for their families, special dinner, recipes, and fun party ideas.
Deck the halls and get in the Christmas spirit!
I am so late with all my Christmas arrangements this year, and now two days before Christmas, all that is left to do is (well not quite as I still have some last minute shopping to do and is to enjoy it all.  Truth is I am totally loving it)!
The Christmas Flower arrangements have been done with our favourite White and Red, thought I love a bit of vintage, but this year I have been a bit more simple than previous years.
Christmas Tradition brings the whole family together!  If ever there is a time to embrace some good old family tradition, it is definitely during the Christmas season.  There are many Christmas traditions embraced by family that bring a sense of comfort as we celebrate together with families and friends!
One of my favourite Christmas tradition is the decorating moments at home.  It’s fantastic, magical time where I set the mood with lively Christmas music, mull wine on the side, and bring all the beautiful seasonal decoration out of the trunk.  I really enjoy blending in all the traditional Christmas decoration, and family themes throughout the rooms at home.
Sometimes I just have to spell it out.   Adding a favourite sentiment can be just what I need to put a finishing touch on my decoration.  I prefer the old traditional say “Merry Christmas.”
And let me take this great opportunity to wish all my followers and those who have stopped by to read my blog a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS 2015

Tale of Boutonniere and Arrangements

Bygone Treasure of Vases
How do we call a beautiful day, when you come home to find fresh flowers presented in the old elegant vintage vases.  The arrangement boost your energy and restore your tiredness. Old dated vases are not even needed to display flower arrangements.  They can also be cast in their own artistic ornate manner, set on an old table by the window or an old suitcase used as table with or without flowers.
Period vases are forged from a diversity of substances and materials inclusive of glass, porcelain, ceramic and metal.  Not forgetting that also wooden vases that have been a beauty in floral arrangement for decades in the homes, were treated to prevent them from becoming rotten. Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau antique vases are all sorts of genre in the approach style of antiques.
History of Jardiniere
In all respect of the olden days craftsmanship has illustrated the unfolding of human civilisation. The vases in their shapes and frameworks are meditative of these. Crafted to aspire the decoration of flowers in the home.  The depiction and mastery of vases have transformed at an end, a creativity shaped in their own desire, from ancestral shaped vases to more present day vintage vases.





Thank you for stopping to have a read at my blog.

(Pictures and writing belongs to My Country Epoque)

Retro Vintage Wooden Trug with flowers

Following my yesterday’s first post of entering the blogging world, I can believe that I have hitherto invaded the world of blogging.dscn2307I am sharing my second post to the world.  I received  a Retro Vintage Wooden Trug  today made by a friend of mine.  I couldn’t think of anything else than to run down to my flower market and brought home some flowers.  And plus I am a keen buyer of glass jars of jams which I often keep one or two empty jars after the jam is finished.   Using the glass jars to lay out my flowers and to show the world how it would make a beautiful decoration anywhere in the  home.dscn2306You don’t always need a flower vase to arrange some flowers in the home.  The Trug is painted in a few shades of colors..  one side is blue and the other side is dark green and I have shown both sides of the trug in two different pictures.