Sewing, Ribbons, Buttons & The Rest

Hello everybody and welcome to my next post.  It has been good weather for the past couple of days.  We have been having sunny weather and only tonight we have had some rain at the same time.  we have been having some cool winds, and the weather has been wonderful, since we know summer will show up.
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Photos of the past!

003I am bringing back a bit of my past that I have already posted on certain occasions here on my blog.  Like we say, “the past is a good place to visit.” My white and blue jug vase never ceased to accompany some flowers, I love filling this jug with flowers, wouldn’t you if you have some jugs like mine?
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Vintage Floral Chic and Shabby!

From Mother’s home to Old Grandmother’s House. “The Past Is always a Good Place to Visit” 

Cushions are my must have in home accessories complement                                                         005I am sharing with you a taste of my current vintage floral design.  I search for my inspiration from the interior decorative world around me and I am sure you will take a like in my cushion designs that I have for you. 

I am crazily a fanatic of cushions and the more I could talk about it, I wouldn’t let it go.  Cushions are elegant, stylish and durable.  One can make a collection of colours that will make your home looks fresh, inviting and interesting in every room in your home.  Decorating with colourful  cushions is fun.                                                                                               002 My Country Epoque adds happiness to your home, and colourful cushions with floral patterns are all just simple.  The cushions by Maude are all created “home-made” with lots of passions.

For those who loves bright, colourful floral cushions, my best advice for you is that a neutral  coloured sofa will add a touch of beauty in your room as all the colours of your cushions will add the beautiful decorative touch that you have been looking for.  When choosing your cushions , don’t go overboard with it.                                                                            006

I would imagine that we all have something that we still remember from our grandmother’s house – from an old kettle to the Lavender tea cups – and what about the vintage floral cushions on the old wooden chair, Do you remember?  
007Red poppies and blue sweet peas floral in the Laura Ashley fabric design – all shabby and chic – Vintage Floral Blueberry and Green in the Laura Ashley Fabric Design
003Vintage Embroidery – have always been chic and shabby!  It kind of lost touch from the vestige lifestyle and became quiet for a very long time.  They have even made a massive bounce back in the aspects of fabrics and vintage decorations for home.  They are even my favourite.  I am always searching for them to keep my customers happy and satisfied.          009

008What is not chic and shabby when it comes to Vintage Floral Decoration?                                   004(please note that pictures and writings belongs to My Country Epoque and they are my properties)