Christmas in a Kettle

It’s up and done!

Can you believe it is already the end of the year?  It seems as though the Christmas season approaches faster every year.  November sneaked up way too fast on me this year.  The run up to Christmas is usually a busy time of year, and at this time of year I tend to find myself under a fair bit of stress.  Yes, it’s that time of year again, when every blogger takes time out of their busy schedules to put together a post about Christmas or how they will be celebrating this family tradition.  Deck the halls and get in the Christmas spirit!  To me Christmas is a family tradition that has been passed on from one generation to another.  And without a traditional family festivity, it wouldn’t be Christmas. Read more

The Most Wonderful Time

Hello everyone! I hope your Christmas week and preparations are going well. Are you all ready for the big family celebration?  I cannot believe how quickly the month of December flew by and unimaginably the whole year.                                                                           004

Dear ones, when I was growing up, Christmas was about food, family, beautiful dresses and shoes, holidays from school. It was one of the happiest times of the year.  Having raised in an Anglican Family, I have always had a deep connection to the birth of Jesus Christ.
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Preparations of Christmas

We are almost end of the year and I am sure we are all thinking of the Season that we are about to embrace.  Christmas is a time of year that each and every family thinks of what they wish to do and how they wish to spend this special time of year.

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The Season for Special Family Tradition Is One More Time Upon Us!

Christmas 2015 at Home
Can you believe it is already the end of the year?  It seems as though the Christmas season approaches faster every year.  November sneaked up way too fast on me this year.  The run up to Christmas is usually a busy time of year, and at this time of year I tend to find myself under a fair bit of stress.
This is a time of year that people are doing lots of searching everywhere.  They are looking for the perfect gift, fun activities and traditions for their families, special dinner, recipes, and fun party ideas.
Deck the halls and get in the Christmas spirit!
I am so late with all my Christmas arrangements this year, and now two days before Christmas, all that is left to do is (well not quite as I still have some last minute shopping to do and is to enjoy it all.  Truth is I am totally loving it)!
The Christmas Flower arrangements have been done with our favourite White and Red, thought I love a bit of vintage, but this year I have been a bit more simple than previous years.
Christmas Tradition brings the whole family together!  If ever there is a time to embrace some good old family tradition, it is definitely during the Christmas season.  There are many Christmas traditions embraced by family that bring a sense of comfort as we celebrate together with families and friends!
One of my favourite Christmas tradition is the decorating moments at home.  It’s fantastic, magical time where I set the mood with lively Christmas music, mull wine on the side, and bring all the beautiful seasonal decoration out of the trunk.  I really enjoy blending in all the traditional Christmas decoration, and family themes throughout the rooms at home.
Sometimes I just have to spell it out.   Adding a favourite sentiment can be just what I need to put a finishing touch on my decoration.  I prefer the old traditional say “Merry Christmas.”
And let me take this great opportunity to wish all my followers and those who have stopped by to read my blog a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS 2015

Is It My Mind Telling Me About it, Or Did I Hear The Bell Ringing?

I went out to the Garden Centre today for coffee with a friend of mine.  I was not imagining of the Season at all.  It made my afternoon a happy one when I walked in through the main door and it all started with the Christmas glimpse of colours.  
My friend and I had our coffee and some good conversation, which after that we went round to see the beauties of the Holly Season.  
I thought of sharing with my readers at the Blog.  I wanted to share the beauties of Christmas that has arrived so quickly once again.  And this is for you.  “I wish you all a “Merry Christmas Preparation.”
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Christmas 2014 arrangement at home

To us Christmas is a family tradition which has been passed on from one generation to another.  And without a traditional, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas.
Long ago we used to go and cut our tree ourselves.  It was a holiday tradition as old as the family itself.  And in a developed world, and busy lifestyles, Christmas is still a family tradition, and for lots of us families, we find out that we go down to our village markets to buy the tree or get our tree delivered home.  And Christmas Starts right here!  One of the things which brings meaning to our life are our family traditions.   These can be traditions we grew up with or the traditions we create for ourselves in our own families.  Christmas is a time of year rich in traditions.      
005Christmas stories are worth hundreds of books.  They showed me where I have come from and I reflected of who I have become.  And it has taught me a lot about families and friends on the whole.  Christmas have provided me with lots of answers to questions that I have been longing for many years.  It is a time that I re-examine myself and I realized that there are things that I may have been overlooking.  At Christmas time when I see family stories, it is the time that truly makes me aware that writing what I see is the only way that will remind myself of a lot of activities that had happened, and it prepares of how I am going to face the year ahead of me.                                                                                        006Christmas is the time to touch every hearts with Love and Care.  Christmas is the time to receive and send blessings.  It is the time to gather round with friends and families and keep the holiday tradition alive.                                                                                                   009Decorating our tree each year is the art of opening our old trunk filled with old Christmas cards, and reading wishes of families and friends.  And many more stories of bygone days.  The Antique decorations that we have collected over the years and together we hang them over the tree.  And plus this year I decided that some old vintage books would make a beautiful stand for our vintage Copper Vase holding our tree.                                                           011Today’s daily lifestyle is very hectic.  It is easy to forget the most important things on our list as we rush through the day.  Christmas is traditionally a Christian holiday but I think one of the reasons Christmas is special to us all is that it is a time of year when we prioritize our family and those dear to us.  Lasting memories are created when we gather together with our families and friends to celebrate friendships with the special people in our lives.                                                                                                                                        012My mother is no longer here and my tree honors her memory and brings more joy to my home at Christmas.  Without her motherly upbringing that she gave to me and the traditional ways of Christmas she taught me, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  I am so grateful for having had a mother like her and the Christmas tradition she instilled in me, I filled my home with them all every Christmas Season.                                                                     055In today’s world we are inundated with images of Christmas from the media.  We are told that it is all about buying expensive gifts for each other.  In today’s challenging economic times it is a tragedy that parents spend way more than they can afford to try and please their children.  The sad truth is that, “money can’t buy you love.”  A Christmas holiday is about time spent together with  loved ones.  It is about gifts that comes from the heart and it is about the thousands of years of tradition that marks the holiday season.                             029This year I made a change in the decoration of my tree.  I went rather simple with some red roses, white Chrysanthemum and some other white flowers.  And together with some vintage pieces of art I managed to make a beautiful and simple arrangement as I call it “Our Family Christmas Tree of 2014.”  I did not forget my vintage pitcher vase.  I thought I would give it a go at filling it with some green leaves and read berry flowers.  And having it in a corner of our home, it brings happiness, smiles, and memories of long time ago remembered.
Our Candle Holder made it to our vintage chest in the Living Room with tea-light candles and some vintage collections of decorations made it simple for our way we like to see our home decorated at Christmas Time.  For me Christmas is a special time to give , to serve, and to love.  It isn’t just about ourselves or myself, but others that we can think of.            024Brings back memories of long, long time ago, when I read the story of “a new child is born in Bethlehem and how many shepherds and angels came to see him.”  They were the days of being a child growing up in a traditional home.  And until today Christmas is still traditional in my life.                                                                                                                                      christmas-pussy-catsChristmas is the time when I think of the old school Christmas Play of “when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem to find a place to lay their child.”  And singing the traditional song “Away in a Manger, No Crib for the Child.”  A Long Long Time Ago Remembered!041I smile when I adore my tree and I feel that my heart is connected closer to those of my family members who are no longer around.  Closer to those who are far away from us.  It brings back my childhood memories at Christmas time under the Christmas tree at home. I see the whole of my past life in the beauty of our tree.                                                                     036To all my friends and families who cannot be here for Christmas this 2014, May I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Joy to Your world.  I take this opportunity to dedicate our Red Christmas Rose to all of you who  have stopped by to read my Blog in 2014.  And Also to those of my fans who have LIKED my posts through the whole year.                                         044Christmas at home in London.  A way of how we like to live.  Vintage is one great big part of our lives.  We like to live with many aspects of the past rather than what is being invented within this technology world of today.  I strongly believe that my ancestors lived in a happier world than mine.  They had it all, and they had it all that had characters and value.                                                                                                                                                                   043Thank you for stopping by to read about the Christmas Tradition together with me.  I wish you all a Happy Seasonal Holiday
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