Officially It is Pumpkin Season

Hello, lovely people. I hope all is well in your corner of the world.

The clock chimed 22nd September some days ago and officially it is autumn – a season of change, whatever fall means for us, the desire to get cosy when the weather gets colder is global.DSC_0002 Read more

Is It Really Autumn?

dsc_0024Time just flies on by.  We have already come to the end of October.  Summer is ritualistically over.  We shouldn’t stop celebrating the end of one season and welcoming the arrival of another one – Autumn is here, one of the loveliest time of year since it is like another spring or summer because the leaves changes to beautiful orange, yellow and red.


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Is It My Mind Telling Me About it, Or Did I Hear The Bell Ringing?

I went out to the Garden Centre today for coffee with a friend of mine.  I was not imagining of the Season at all.  It made my afternoon a happy one when I walked in through the main door and it all started with the Christmas glimpse of colours.  
My friend and I had our coffee and some good conversation, which after that we went round to see the beauties of the Holly Season.  
I thought of sharing with my readers at the Blog.  I wanted to share the beauties of Christmas that has arrived so quickly once again.  And this is for you.  “I wish you all a “Merry Christmas Preparation.”
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