Words Are Not Enough

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I  started to write this blog in 2014 at “blogspt.co.uk.”  Last year I came to realised that moving to WordPress will be a better chance of getting to know the world and sharing my world to the world.  You know what, I am as happy as can be.
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“Our Forefather’s Heritage” and the “Latter-Day Mode de Vie”

My Country Epoque

Man has traveled a long journey to arrive where he is today.  Let us go way back to the centuries of our forefathers.  Most of them lived on farming and on the farms several generations lived together, and they did not have much to live on like we have today.  In modern living, many of us live in our own home and we can afford many things that can satisfy our family life.  We still have farming as a way of life or we can call it a profession in today’s society that we live in.  And actually many of us in one family alone can grow with good education and place ourselves in a professional activity within the modern society which our ancestors and their children did not have that great chance to abide. 


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A Spring Sunrise!

DSC_0010Good morning everybody!  I caught the early morning sunrise of my little town.  Since I ceaselessly carry my camera with me, I was able to capture that beautiful moment of a spring sunrise.
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Signs of Spring – Daffodils tells us so!


Hello everybody! What’s new going on around yours in the thought of Spring? I’ve been busy with my crafting works doing quilting which will be posted a bit later in the month.   I am always on the go with my sewing as I am making some beautiful pairs of curtains that will be going to the other side of the pond in the Seychelles islands.  I wish I was in the place of these curtains, you know what I mean?  Well, but for the time being, some daffodils will do.
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Bleak Flow of Existence

Bleak stretch of time comes crawl in, always unannounced, and overlooked. They grab you by a bombshell, and when you look for the bullets you cannot even find a trigger to confront with them.  All you can manage to survive with is some old songs of faded times that made you felt better once.
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