Badamier and Cannelle

Hello World

Once again I have come to a new creation, a new  page called “Badamier and Cannelle” – which will feature my home-made traditional crafts for interior decorating that I will share with the world. 

Since the crafting works belongs to me, it will also bear my own designer name “Badamier and Cannelle,” which was invented and born by myself. 

And later there will be a website that will come up with the same name “” which will be part of “My Country Epoque,” and which is already copyrighted.  Thank you.

Also this page will contribute some flower arrangements and home interior decorating and sometimes using my own home-made crafts designs.

Well you may be wondering what it means.  Before I continue, I am thrilled to let you know that Badamier is the tropical Almond tree that grows in tropical islands and in places where the weather are hot all year round.  And Cannelle is Cinnamon, which is a spice that has a very beautiful strong smell and it is widely used around the world for perfumes.  And Cannelle is also a spice that is used in Tropical Creole cuisine mainly in coconut curries.  And not forgetting that it can also be used in baking which gives a wonderful tastes that will make you go back for more.


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Well here is my story about “Badamier and Cannelle” – Since I was born on the most beautiful tropical islands of all places, Badamier takes me back in time when I was a little girl.  Me and my friends, my brothers and sisters we ran and played in the neighbourhood.  And anywhere we found a Badamier tree, we collected the dried badamier that had fallen out of the trees and took them home.  At home we found any small medium pebbles or kind of stones that we smashed the Badamier to get the sweet almond inside.  We filled them in bowls that mother gave us to put them in.

And Cannelle is grown all around the islands in abundance.  It is how the history told us that the French settlers brought them to the islands.   And a spice garden was planted with different kind of spices.  And what happened, the birds ate the fruits of the Cannelle from the spice garden and since that the seeds did not digest inside the birds, they pooh’d the seeds all over the islands and today Cannelle is wildy grown everywhere in the country.   And not that only, when mother wanted to use Cannelle in the kitchen, she would ask us to get some for her.  And since then back in those days, being children, we loved to climbed the hills to go and get Cannelle for mother since we knew that we were going to eat some delicious curries with Cannelle in it – “I am craving for that curry already.”  I wish mum was still around!

Well my lovely people, I hope you have enjoyed this short context about me,  “Badamier and Cannelle.”

Thank you very much for reading!


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