About The Blog

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to My Country Epoque!  I am delighted that you have stumbled across my little fabric of the blogging world and I hope you will stick around!

I am an obsessive blogger and my blog is a personal diary of wanderlust country life.  Not all who wander are lost.   I cannot find a way to get rid of the love I have for vintage.  And some years ago I decided to venture into this sphere and I am loving every minute of it. 

My Country Epoque is a country blog where I hark back to the vestige living with perhaps a bit of a modern, but much of an epoch lifestyle.  It is about sharing my passion in creating home-made crafts that will bring back the mother days when the couture decorated the interior behind the shutters.   And I also frequent brocante markets to secure some special French finds that would of  love another chance to live in your loving home.  I hope you will like my obsession with period accessories and vintage crafting for the homes and gardens.  Also  On odd occasions, I collect vintage and (retro touch) of clothes which altogether you will have the chance to find and collect them from my website which will be under construction soon.

I am a lover of all things vintage, old and shabby.  I repeatedly have vintage decorating ideas rotating my mind and everywhere I go, I ceaselessly carry my camera with me.  I have discovered a vintage shabby creative side to myself I never knew was there.  

I am a sort of explorer and I love adventures.  I love writing about everything that I come in contact with and that I see happenings and which has something to do with era living.  Here I will share our pictures of travel, life at home, brocante markets, lots more and most of all my traditional country couture design made by myself at My Country Epoque.

I have a passion to share oldies and goodies of bygone years to create that vintage style for you and your home.  And my mission is to achieve my customers’ hearts by seeking for them  the vestige of le passee that they will truly love.  Not only that, if you let me know what you are looking for, I can also keep my eyes out on my many travels.  

When I started blogging, I did not know what a blog even was but followed my senses and discovered I found a place that I could pen my inspiration and share my hobbies and travel ideas with images!

Since then, my journey has been incredible.  I am fortunate that I gained a loyal and welcoming audience and as a result have made friends from all over the world, the roller coaster ride is still fun.

Many thanks must go to my wonderful daughter who have supported me and patiently listened to me talking endlessly about ideas, chattels and websites time over time.  And nothing is perfect about my home and my lifestyle, I love the imperfect.

And thank you for wanting to know what is happening in my little corner of My Country Epoque!  What a fun adventure blogging has been and hopefully will continue to be.  

Thank you


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