About Me


“My Country Epoque.” is a panorama of how we like to live. 

I have heard that this is the page everyone clicks to when they find your site.

I grew up with sun, sand, sea, islands in a traditional home with all the French tastes of my ancestors passing down from one generation to another.  And growing up from an Anglican Christian tradition, education was the priority of my family. 

I’ve been a professional mum for some 25 odd years. I have a passion for decorating my home with the antique and vintage pieces I have collected over the years, as well as an adoring passion for gardening.  Cooking is my other big story, our kitchen is my best place in the home.  

I am mother to my one and only daughter, and now that she no longer needs a full time mum, and has started to expand her wings and broadening her horizons, I am devoting more of my time to my couture and vintage brocante venture which I will share on the blog from time to time.

My blog is where I write about our life in the French country.  It is about my long passage from island girl to city girl, and to domestic country life. Through blogging, I’ve also discovered a new-found obsession for photography. Being creative has always been a big part of my life in one way or another and something I feel inclined to do.

I have always loved city lifestyle, but for now I have a dream and slowly realizing it and I am living the dream too at the same time.

I have many goals, and I believe that if you work hard you can make things happen.  This blog is my place for me to express that. Thanks for visiting!

Welcome to My Country Epoque!

P.S – Please do not nominate me for any awards of any sort since I will not accept it!  I would appreciate if you could kindly respect my points of view.  Thank you!

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