Should You Join A Writing Group?  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

To all my followers, writers, authors, poets, readers, lovers of books, I am introducing Sonia Bellhouse to you and sharing one of her post to my page so that you can all get acquainted to her and perhaps you will or may want to follow her and keep reading and following her writings. Thank you for reading and getting to know her. Juli!

Sonia Bellhouse's Creative Pathways

Good vibes oNly- mark Adriane- unsplash

Do you feel the need for feedback on your writing or validation? Or perhaps you are sick of struggling on alone, and fed up with your own company and isolation?

Maybe you have hit the creative wall and need a boost?

Desperate to know more about writing and you sense that you are boring your family with your work?

A writing group could be the answer BUT not all writing groups are the same.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

As I have been a member of each of this type of group at some time, let me be your guide, without fear or favour.

The Bad

A bad group suits those in it for various reasons. 1. It may be an ego trip for a couple of the members.

The Bad2.The group may be a talkfest, and not get any writing done

3.The group may take up too much time…

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15 thoughts on “Should You Join A Writing Group?  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  • Thanks for the introduction to Sonia, Juli. 🙂 I was a member of a critique group for 5 years and learned a ton about writing that way. I’m heading over to read the rest off the post. Happy Easter, my friend. ❤


  • Thank you Lana for sharing your views. It is true, in all things in life there will always be some kind bad triggers shooting someone down flat to prevent us from moving up the ladder. I hope someday you will travel to teach ESL abroad – in France???? hm hm!!!!

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  • There are sure many reasons to consider before joining one of these groups. For me, it really isn’t an option since I am the only one in my town who writes. I think that is one big reason I joined WordPress, it is rather like a writing group. You can get some really insightful comments on your work. Technically, most people are nice and positive, but sometimes you can get a comment that makes you want to stop writing altogether, lol. Thanks for sharing this insightful post, Juli. I have been behind also, I’ve been having to study to keep my teaching certification current and to prepare to teach ESL classes online this summer. I hope to be able to commit more time to WordPress and my blogging friends in the near future. Happy spring my friend! xx

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