Hello everyone, I am sorry that I haven’t been blogging for a few weeks this month of March.  I was on some busy travel that I couldn’t have time to make a post.  I am actually having some more time for myself alone and I thought writing a post will have to be imminent.  I have been thinking of you lot and I hope you are all well and healthy.DSC_0003In the last few days, the weather has improved tremendously.  The rain more or less has stopped and we have had some cloudless and sun shiny days.  It seems temperatures have changed to a climb although it has not yet really been hot.  Of course all this kind of nice weather brings Spring.  Outside my window overlooking the walkway, the trees have started to bud green leaves, so nice.  Like we always say, February is the coldest month here.  We are almost the end of March and let’s hope I have not spoken too soon!


In my last post I made beginning of the month, I mentioned that I am going to do a “Give Away” in my next post.  And here I am today, to announce the WINNERS of this GIVE AWAY.” 

The names of the Winners are :

Diana Wallace Peach @

Lana T Garvin @

I have gathered some beautiful and fantastic followers over the years, but why Diana and Lana?  Well after those two years that I moved to Word Press, Diana Wallace Peach and Lana T Garvin have been the two persons who made the highest counts of comments at many of my posts in those past two years. 

I thank them very much for having been and I thanked them ever so much for still being here.  I want to thank all my followers who have read my blog, and have left me comments and LIKES, and you have all been so fantastic, therefore it was great having you all.  It is my pleasure that you are all still here today and I hope you will all stay. 

I am now working at doing “GIVE AWAYS” to my followers more often in the future.  Trying to think and making a list of what types of events I will create to make it more guessing, fun, and interesting and hoping to have some new winners next time.

Made out of fabrics from Sandersons,  and created by My Country Epoque, here are the pictures of what the winners have won : – They each received the followings :

1 pair of Cushion Covers0181 pair of Pillow Cushion Covers0260280191 Shabby Chic summer bag0130091 pair Vintage French Kitchen Towels003002001CONGRATULATIONS Diana Wallace Peach and Lana T GarvinI hope you will enjoy your “GIVE-AWAYS” for a long time.   Please get into contact with me at “”  Will need to have your address to enable posting your “Give-Aways” to you.

Well my lovely people, thank you for stopping by and let’s hope that you are all in the hopes of Spring!  And that you are all set up, changing the dark winter wardrobes to the “Sunny Labels.” haha!

Wishing everyone a Wonderful EASTER HOLIDAY!

9 thoughts on “GIVE AWAYS

  • Hi Juli. Like Lana, I am just astonished and delighted. Those gifts are gorgeous. You are so wonderfully creative and generous with your love and appreciation. I am speechless and hope you know how much I adore your style, colors, tastes, and creativity. It’s always a joy to stop by here and even more so today!!! It’s wonderful to see you back after a few weeks off, and I enjoy the view of spring outside your window. Enjoy. 🙂 ❤

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    • Hey Diana, I am so happy that you have enjoyed this post, and I have appreciated both you and Lana for having given the highest counts of comments at my blog and that shows how you people can change the blogging world. And I have appreciated all my followers who have left me LIKES and comments too, they have all been great. Happy Easter to you!

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  • Oh Juli, those are amazing and beautiful items! I am speechless, you are way too generous. I can’t even thank you enough. You are so gifted and craft such gorgeous things. Did I mention I am so happy? You are a wonderful friend to me, and I appreciate your support of my blog also. Thank you again, Juli. The weather is finally warming up where I live, the flowers are not blooming out yet, but things are becoming greener by the day. xoxo

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    • Thank you so much. Nice to hear from you. I was looking at yours, then I went to make a hot cuppa for, and to find your comment. I am so happy. Happy Easter to you too!


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