The Sunset of the London Eye

My Visit to Central London – Last Part!009Everyone who comes to London are fascinated by the London Eye, the Parliament Building, the Big Ben, The St Paul’s Cathedral, The London Bridge, and so on, and so on.

In November when I was last there, I got the chance to slipped down to the River and I found an amazing sunset over the London Eye and glittering on the River Thames.  I was happy to have arrived down by the river just in time that this beautiful sunset was casting its spell upon the British Waters.  I couldn’t hesitate to do some work behind the lens of my camera.  

I am sharing with you this great moment.008007006004003002001005036035033034010011012013014015019016018017020021024025026027031023022As I reached the end of sharing my visit of Central London to you, I am daring to bringing some more vibes to you – perhaps of another part of the world, who knows!  Stay tuned!

After my visit I was thrilled to get home safely!038Well my lovelies, I will love you and leave you!

6 thoughts on “The Sunset of the London Eye

    • Good evening Diana. Thank you for visiting me. Yes that day I arrived at the river right on time. It was an amazing afternoon watching the sunset over the London eye. I am happy that you liked the pictures. Have a wonderful evening!

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    • Thank you Jim for reading. Nice to learn you have visited our old London city. oh yeah, Tower Bridge, I think it would look magnificent in the sunset. So sorry I did not go on that side of the river that day. Since my visit was not even planned, it only happened so I took the hint and whisked myself to some corners of the town and had some pics taken. Thank you for reading my post. I have missed some of yours, must get round to finish reading what I missed! Have a nice evening!


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