Celebrations! A Year Over

Happy Birthday to me!  Two days ago I became another year wiser!!!DSC_0068Time undoubtedly flies when you are having a blast. That’s exactly what we do at birthdays, a year over, and a year older and remembrance of the past flew in all around the surface of my brain.DSC_0003I felt like I have been counting down this day like I did when I turned 18 so I could start doing things on my own and claim my freedom from “maman and papa.”  I also wondered what I would be doing, who I would become in another 20 years from then.  And my reflections of today is who I was 20 years ago.

Every consecutive year I fathom to pilot change in my life on my birthday.  I peer over the years which materialise to this day.  I don’t feel sad or regret any of the events that have passed so quickly since I discerningly comprehend that I have done my best this year.DSC_0004A day I shall always remember is that day I celebrated my 21st birthday.  Thinking back on that same year, in a time when I was having my young youth influence around me and life was only weekends full of fun and craziness like there were no Mondays that was going to unfold – “laugh.”   DSC_0014I don’t feel any older than I did on that day of 2nd November of being my 21 year old self.  I am celebrating my birthday of 2017 not in style, but verily blogging has had so much to do with that. The essence of the blogging world is when I derive a comment from someone I go “wow” – my blog is out there in the flow of humanity!  And I did not party this year since I have a wonder for writing.  In fact my invitations for dinner was a quiet time with my daughter and another friend of mine.  DSC_0013.JPGEscapades and episodes has burgeon my sphere.  How considerable is the divergence between what I have achieved and what I can fulfil.   I like to believe that I am not old and everything at which I have been performing is actually enfolding, I feel like it is only just the beginning.  Am I filling my time fitly or am I embroiling fact that deflects me from my well known metier?


I am grateful for what I have éclat and what I have achieved successfully.  I keep my eyes to the overall view.  I admire the vintage of life that most of all I cherish, and prize of the tree that bestow the harvest altogether – birth solelyDSC_0015You may not know that this month I have birthdays on my mind.  I am from a family of eight.  Three of us celebrate birthdays in November. Since my family is big, I surely cannot recall the birth date of my sister, but my brother will be embracing his on the 15th

Every bash is different.  We will always remember a million stories that will last forever and the easiest way to share them is to tell of our own experiences.DSC_0032Every year on my birthday I like to have a moment alone where I think a lot.  I think about everything that I have done during the year, and reflecting on my past and its moments to how I have grown so fast in reaching what I am doing today in my life and what I have achieved.  I no longer make something big for my birthday.  Now that my daughter is grown up into a young adult, I spend my birthday with her, we dine together and we laugh together.  I tell her stories of my life when I was her age, what I did and all the crazy stuffs I have encountered in my younger youth.  I am not afraid to say that I was crazy, more than she is – “laugh.” DSC_0018(And my dessert was coconut ice-cream in the coconut shell.  And we were allowed to take them home after dinner). – “Delicious” – it was!DSC_0021For those who may have been following my blog since I started blogging three years ago, or you knew me since I was a lass or you are just learning about me actually.  This birthday took me one more time to another blogging post and my next challenge will be the beginning of moving my life to a new destination.


Thus – every now and then we have the nonpareil moments to relax, breathe and be au-fait of our influences and options of the foregoing year, and mirrored on them.  Same as we would do for a New Year’s resolution, we can treat birthdays as an observance of a year of furtherance and improvement, and prepare for more to ensue.

Well my lovely people I hope you have had a wonderful Halloween and that you all danced the night away with the ghosts.  Anyone fell in love with a ghost? – Please come and tell us the story!  DSC_0063Words and pictures are my properties


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