Officially It is Pumpkin Season

Hello, lovely people. I hope all is well in your corner of the world.

The clock chimed 22nd September some days ago and officially it is autumn – a season of change, whatever fall means for us, the desire to get cosy when the weather gets colder is global.DSC_0002Well nothing says October like a pumpkin does.  Autumn is also a beautiful season, just like spring, but it only comes with multi-coloured leaves and they then fall away.  I love autumn, since the heat has vanished and the weather is cool.  It is the time to gather families and friends to enjoy some of the last days of warm weather since the cold winter season isn’t far and windows will remain close for so many months. pumpkin-2526300_1920I can say that this year I have spent most of my time focused on my job and preparing for the new sphere I am about to venture into.  I have hardly noticed that the world has kept rotating days upon days without me.  I really feel that I have been disconnected from the outside world for quite a long time.  Huh… preparing for a new venture is not an easy one.  Trying to make customers happy and building a new project at the same time is like one me alone, and all the four corners of the world occupying my brain. DSC_0012Well, much of my time at the moment seems to be focused on autumn like many of you am sure  –  I packed up all the summer stuffs which I did last night, all washed, steamed and put away until the next sunny season.  The winter coats, boots, scarves, or hats are done and ready.  And Autumn is not only a pumpkin decision, since Dahlias are also imminent.DSC_0035There is nothing better than curling up on the sofa, with a warm cosy blanket and a cup of vanilla tea, since autumn is the perfect season for it.  Vanilla tea is nothing new to me, I was born with it since my island home grows vanilla from the beginning of time and vanilla tea is one of them things that everyone never forgets to buy when they visit the tropical island paradise.  I still have a bit of the vanilla tea left.  Surely the next time, I would have to be there holidaying to buy some more. blanketI won’t be doing anything special for autumn this year, it would only be just the normal days of autumn.   Let me update you on the “lonely sunflower” – it has faded and poor little thing.  Well, never mind, the “sun” will still shine though it is goodbye from the “flower” until next year!  DSC_0015Since I have some other things to do – next week I will be going free for a few days.  It is to relax and exhale all the busy days of my life out of my brain.   I thought it was this weekend, but it’s been postponed for next week, and I thought I will have some time to do a post or two before then.  And the leaves are so tempting in colors, but they will fade soon.DSC_0005And some last ditsy autumn flowers were so pretty over the wall.  Sad again that sooner or later they will bid us farewell until next year.DSC_0041Well ladies and gentlemen, I hope you have enjoyed reading my post and let me hope that I will be reading your comments soon. DSC_0033Let me wish you all a wonderful autumn season with lots of friends and families.  Take care until then.DSC_0003

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