A New Dawn – September

pumpkin-991825_1920What Does September Means to You?fruits-850491_1920Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a nice and wonderful week.  Mine was good…just a little of this and a little of that.  I had been absent from blogging for over a fortnight,  it’s been some very busy days though.  But here I am and it is all about SeptemberAsparagus, strawberry saladI have read that there are many stories that contain the appellation September.  From quotes, music and poetry.  September is one of the most popular months of the year for expressing sentiments.  And it reminds me of sunflowers.

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If you are charmed enough to be living in a corner of the world where you acknowledges the seasons, you will know what I am trying to express.  You may not have to be living in a zone where the climate changes every season, you can still have the feelings of September.  It is the time you start to see the scarecrows here and there, in the fields, on the farms, or in the gardens at home.  fall-1806101_1920For the little people, it means the end of the summer vacation and the beginning of a new school year.  It is the month that shops are busy advertising educational materials, uniforms, school bags and many more things that interest mothers and children.  It is the month you see mothers and children hurrying down the residential alleyways in the early mornings, on the run to get to the school on time – many of them will be future leaders of tomorrow.

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September brings the beginning of autumn and together the weather conquers the heat and we starts to get cooler days. We may start to see some early arrival of pumpkins in the markets, and thinking of families and friends since Thanksgiving is on the horizon.autumn-216883_1280It is a month that makes us think a lot.  A lot of us will be thinking that Christmas is not far away.  We start to realise that we have come to the end of two sunny seasons of spring and summer.  Being September means we have almost pass through the year, and thinking what next since we have three months left before we end the year.  It is like there is a new ship that is about to enter our harbour, “What is next and how it will unfold.”october-984632_1280Despite what the clock may chimes, the daylight will suddenly change and eventide will be wriggling up earlier before we even know it, changing our warm sunny days into cold and cozy winter nights. christmas-1750978_1920Simply for me, September is a month I will be thinking of families and friends, since I will be drawing invitations in my mind that soon I will be inviting some of them round for a Thanksgiving dinner. chicken-1001751_960_720I cannot deny September, it has arrived!  

Well friends, this is all for today and let’s hope I am coming back with something more interesting! plums-1649305_1920Love you and leave you – Wishing you a marvelous weekend!sun-flower-1509778_1920This post is my property

12 thoughts on “A New Dawn – September

    • Thank you Lana. And yes that ship which is about to enter the harbor, really New Year makes us think, it does scare me a bit too, since we have already known what we have been through the previous year, and there are things we don’t want to repeat again, but may happen. Well we still have to see that ship comes into the harbor – totally out of our control, in a few months’ time we will embrace it.

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    • Hello anna. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are doing good and that everything is sunny and beautiful at your side. I have been too busy, and even blogging was not at all me for days. Will pop round yours. Have a wonderful weekend my darling. Love you!


    • Thank you very much Diana. Surely September is a good month. I love the cool breeze and the heat has vanished. I wish the weather could stay like this forever, but we wouldn’t see other seasons, would we. I love the scarecrows they just reminds me of fall really!

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  • Wow, the bright colors in this post had opened up my eyes to the much-looking-forward-to Fall season! Thanks, Julie! A little of everything in this post, which I have to hand it to you. Great photography, mixes of items, and overal natural beauty. Very pleasing post for the eyes and the season, dear!

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  • I found this very interesting! Yes, September is a time for change, and even here in Kansas, the nights are cooler, the sunlit days less brilliant. And I am ready for it! Beautiful pictures and put me in the mood for autumn. Have a great day!

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    • Thank you Deborah. I love your little visit. Yes, isn’t September a marvelous month. I love the vibrant colors it brings to us, it is like another spring born into another season. I hope your week is doing alright! You take care now. Cheers!

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  • Julie, you really have a lovely hand and eye when it comes to staging, design and photography. These are some amazing photos that call us to slow down and appreciate the bounty that surrounds us. Thank you for helping us pause and see and smile.

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    • aaarrr thank you so much Anne. surely nature is the only passage that can make us relax and smile. Their original beauties absolutely freshens the minds, the brain and the thoughts, and it sure do fix the stress of the day.


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