Three of us – One had to let go

woman 006 - not from pixabayThe Chancy Heart 

Now and forever our paths may never cross

As my strength and endurance is put to the test

It’s a reflection of lust, love, lost, smile, laughs, dreams and lies

All wrapped up and mixed together

No better manure could I ever forge to design my own providence


This break up has been emotional but we know we are both strong

I am too used to heart-break and I am not hurt in this approach

Leaving the roundabout I may never know what my journey entails

Chancy Is the Happiness that heart-break did not win

As I write this, memories of words we shared together floods me.

All good things come to an end. 

They will just pass one day.


I’ve been watching this development for a long time

Love affairs have never been in order,

And it’s like life, it is a process

Ears may hears the best that eyes can never see

I added words I heard, one plus one was equal to two

At times I did some multiplications

Maybe I did some subtractions too.

I analysed the movements that was not easy to watch

And I kept quiet along the way


That very first day we met, I knew you were rare

I remember the day you told me

That I have started a journey

And do not stop the fight

Continue to travel the way to your heart

At some crossroads, some lies encircled my way

My decision had to be taken, straight and clear

I’ve left it to you to protect this journey

If you think it had value for a future you waited for


Reality is a knife – it cuts so deep

Your personality – I cannot lie, great it was

You made me laugh so much is all I will remember of you

Like a book, I read your story,

And the end of the last chapter had been won

And every moment I will remember of you will be in the past

I hope life will be good to you and I hope she will give you wings

And should our paths crosses one day

You’ll show me how high you have flown

And your happiness will make me smile


I never thought it would end, it was just the beginning

So easy to cure both wounds

I left with the right explanation, I thought you understood

You’ve been so quiet at it, maybe you are thinking

Take your time, think about yourself

I hope one day you will find a way to respond

Three of us were too crowded

And I took the best option

When two loves the same love, one love has to lose!

I miss you so much but I had to say goodbye

Please note writings are my original words – They are my properties

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