It’s been an amazing Journey!


old-linden-alley-2435494_1920What is “One Hundred?” – How do I define it?

Have I ever wondered what a milestone was?DSC_0031I don’t want to even describe the definition of a milestone here.  Looking at the modern world I have come to meet in this life, we have become more accustomed with the appellation of “milestone,” and we use it unlikely.basket-chair-1034339_1920We all have reached many milestones in our lives, many of them we have never even realised have happened. gerbera-2254073_1920So, what is the milestone that My Country Epoque is either talking about or celebrating?   The answers are very simple!idyll-195617_1920I have written 100 posts, I have gotten 100 followers, and I have achieved 500 LIKES all together within the last three or four days ago. DSC_0009Families celebrates 100 years of age, well this is a great moment to do so, since we know a human being may not be around for a long time after this such kind of age.  Therefore this is a number to celebrate and drink some glasses over it, why not. wine-1725548_1920Some people read about blogging, think about blogging, talk about blogging, but they never get to write a blog.  When I first heard about blogging, I didn’t even know what a blog was.  After I did some searches and I came to the comprehension of blogging.  And that is when I finally launched my blog in 2014 at  In 2016, I moved to wordpress, and since then I caught the attention of some amazing people and blogging has extensively opened my world since then.bouquet-1537849_1920Since I started to write my blog, I never imaged a goal for me.  I never thought of mixing my blog with goals.  All I wanted to do is write, share my pictures of travel and define my everyday life of what I love doing.  I knew at some points that blogging will take me beyond the world and I wanted to share my world to the world, to meet people in writing, to chat with them in writing, and to get to know them in writing. My dream came true at some point of this journey through are a stream of humanity from different walks of life.  Blogs are platforms that do not closed down and they don’t have opening times.  It is a paradise that we all use the comfort of our own home to read and share what we have.  And the more we read about our fellow bloggers, the more we write and share what we have been up to in our own little corner of our world. 002I did not create my blog only to fight on having a million followers, or thousands of posts and likes, no, not at all.  Numbers are out of questions here at my blog.  The most precious aspects of my blog are the people who join in the ride of writing and communicating, and who stays and share my world with me and I share their world with them. perssimon-1022784_1920Before I write a post, I think, and I make decisions.  I want to know what topic I am going to write about, since I will need pictures to define the moment that I am going to write about.   Many people who do not do blogging may think that it is easy to write a post.  Maybe some people find it easy.  But myself, I think it is tough to write a post, since words are important.  I want to make my post interesting and up to the points.  And this is me and blogging – “one day at a time!” 001I know a lot of you will be reading the milestone of my page, and guys, you know what??… Those who joined me many months ago, those who arrived some weeks ago, those who knocked on me yesterday and today, you all engraved your marks at my blog.  I am glad you are still here.  I just want to let you all know, I am not the milestone of this page, YOU are indeed the milestone of My Country Epoque.  Each and every one of you who have joined me along the way, you paved your path to encourage me to keep going, to continue the way and let me tell you something, the journey with you in it has been amazing.  My blog is my garden, but “YOU ALL” are the most beautiful BLOOMS in the GARDEN of my country epoque!  Please do not fade and I just want us all to keep blooming altogether.  Let us make wordpress the most wonderful ship to sail through this beautiful world together.  You have all been amazing.  I cannot find a way to define words to say Thank You to you all for making this milestone for My Country Epoque.   table-1583799_1920I am having a project in mind.  I want to print my first milestone of my blog into a book.  It would be two or three copies only, so I can keep for my daughter, and my next generations that will come one day.  If I am not around one day, I want to leave a legacy behind so that they will see what the first woman who created this family did.  I want them to know that blogging was one of the aspects of my life that I adored and loved doing.  I am going to see a printing company down my town and get a quote and ideas from them.  I think it will be a great way to record memorable moments into a milestone memory book.003Please tell me which wonder of the day was your favourite!springtime-2257608_1920But before I pen off I want to let you know I remember who was the first follower at my blog and who is the last person who made the 100th follower, and plus, who is the person who made the most comments at my blog.  I am going to make a “give away” soon, and the names of these three people will be printed and a gift prepared, and plus the fourth will be the one who will also win in the give – away. If it happens that someone gets to make more comments than another person, I will still choose the name of that person who made the most comments within the milestone, which I hope you all will understand. glasses-416492_1920Well, well, I must be making you all guessing now.  Well you know what???, let me keep your brain full of thoughts.vegetables-1141208_1280Now my lovelies, I will love you and leave you.  It is past 2 am in the morning and I am getting to bed – night night everyone!104


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