Summer,drinks, and home-made baking

cream-puff-2092962_1920I Like cakes, summer and fruitswindow with a viewSo, here it is half way through July and, I am sure you are all having that wonderful time of summer since it is flying by so quickly.  Living in Europe, I think that summer season doesn’t last long enough.  The weather is actually changing, the heat has cooled down.  I love the mid of summer season so much, we feel the cool breeze, coming in through the window, and feeling the cool freshness of everything around us is amazing. 

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I love everything that comes with summer, the smell of blooms and cut grass, slippers, fruits, and we are all dressed in all those colourful dresses and skirts, they all comes out of the wardrobes.  Arrrh, it is all so wonderful.jam-2380587_1920Fruit Jam 001I went to my local market sometime last week and I bought some fruits that always make me think of the beautiful sunny days – apricots, raspberries and strawberries.  I love apricots.   And since I love jams, I made some apricot jams and an apricot cake.Fruit Apricot Jam 002breakfast-2287744_1920There is someone here who loves jams and apricot cakes.  Let me give you a hint…. You may already think she is a little kid, but no, not at all, she is my grown up young lady, she is mischievous too.  She loves anything fruits with whipped cream, she lives for them, haha, and I think she allows them to call her name.cake-221904_1920Not only did I buy strawberries and peaches at the market, well, I took home some lemons and limes since I wanted to make some elder flowers and Lime cordial juice. I also made some mixed fruit juice with ice … something that I’d been thinking all about for some days.  Since I have missed out on some of my good friends for many years, they came round for a weekend visit and getting together, chatting and laughing about all the funny old stuffs we have been through, we nibbled on the cold  drinks and Elder flower cordial.  It was nice meeting with the girls since it’s been many long years of a wait.  I waited for a long time to find out what they have been up to.  They came over to me because the town where I live is where we went to college. Lime drink Mineral water 002elder flower syrup drinksElder flower Cordial is a flowery, citrusy, musky popular drink all year round in Europe.  I believe it is also available in the grocery stores all year round too.  They are everywhere, you can find them on the edge of river trail walks, forests, local parks or and on weedy lands.  Before you even see the trees and the white fluffy tiny flowers, you get to smell the musky flowery scent.elder-2381649_1920It is a very easy drink to prepare and I have been making them for many years. elder-1440098_1920refreshment-833363_1920Well friends, I think this is all I have for today and I hope that you are all having some wonderful mid-July summery sunshine.  Slippers on! children-433154_1920.jpgWell, well, thank you for reading.  I will leave you here today and let’s hope I will come back with some more words in a couple of days. Got to get going with the crafting and sewing!  Love you and leave you! Cheers!fruits-707149_1920

22 thoughts on “Summer,drinks, and home-made baking

    • Thank you for stopping here Shutterbug. Yes they were very mouth watering, we enjoyed them together with friends. Thank for your being here today.


    • Thank you Diana. here the weather is beautiful. I do my jogging everyday and yesterday I took my laptop with me to the river and I typed this post. I love sitting by the river alone and thinking of the words I want to share. Well thank you for being here today. Have a lovely week!

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  • You are such a talented photographer, Juli! Such gorgeous photos, I could almost taste those fruits. Who doesn’t like cake? Oh my goodness, your daughter is so lucky! I loved those vintage dresses, colorful and beautiful. I’m glad you got to spend some time with friends, summer is the perfect time to visit and relax. I have never heard of Elderflower cordial, now I long to taste some!

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    • Thank you Lana. Elder flower is easy to make it, you don’t even have to buy the flowers, they grow wild, all you need are limes or lemons. don’t forget to make some this summer. Thank your for your sweet words.!

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    • I agree, L.T. — but were those vintage dresses or did you sew the, mycountryepoque?

      elderflowers are great for cold prevention & respiratory probs.

      what are the fruit in the last photo?

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      • The vintage dresses are not my designs. But I collect retro-vintage designs (I buy them new) after one seasons is gone at sale price since I am preparing for a new venture. Working on making my own design not long in the future. Bless myself. The fruits in the last photo are a kind of Chinese apples. They are very sweet and tasty. I love them. this one pic of them fruits was from a friend. But the last time I ate Chinese apples was in Cyrpus some years ago, they do have them there. Well for the clothes I will make will be the designs that my sisters and myself we had long time ago when we were young. I am using all the pictures of us especially my eldest sisters, she has lots of them clothes designs in her picture that seamstress made long ago, and I am going to use them since it won’t be the designs of today’s designers, and I will copyright them. They are my ideas. I am so much looking forward to venturing in this project.

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      • ooh thank you so much. good results comes through hard work. and the love of the hard work is even better and in the end happiness comes from them all. Thank you so much for your sweet message.

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    • Thank you Anita for visiting. I hope you are having some good time over at yours. Thought of you the other day and will visit soon. Take care now.

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  • Lovely post! I would love if our summer here in Kansas was starting to cool down. We are heading into our most hot and humid time of year, and I dread it. Such yummy-looking goodies! Beautiful dresses…so colorful and feminine. I also love that you call flip-flops, slippers. When I was a child, they were called thongs, but that’s not the case anymore! Thanks for sharing!

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    • hi Deborah, love your response. In Europe we have embraced the heat waves for many days. And now the weather has cooled down a lot. It is even getting chilly and they are predicting storms for the UK. But well hoping all will be fine. Let’s keep sharing what we have through blogging. Us all together, we are a sweet community, are we not!

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    • oh my god, thank you for stopping by. I was worried about you since I couldn’t find your website because I wanted to know what you have been up to and to read about just anything at yours. I got a website that sells cakes which was same name as your website. Now at least I can go and see it for real. Thank you for having been “in.” Happy Weekend!


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