Such is Life!

Remembrance of my life’s experiencesship-1366926_1920When I was sailing the channels of youth, I was surrounded by the sailors called “friends” sailing across the oceans of existence.

After the storm battered my yacht, I found myself alone swimming the dangerous waters of life.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but there are no “Nemos.”LOVE THISWords are mine!

4 thoughts on “Such is Life!

    • haha Lana. I love your sweet comment. If only you know, I wrote this small post many years ago and I never thought that one day I was going to post it on a blog. Many years ago, I found out a lot about conflicts between friends and how confusing and misunderstood was all the situations of what we all go through in this life. But still there comes a time that one chose her own way, the few people she wants to surround herself with. There is so much we encounter in this life, that it takes only a day to say “well, this is the way I want to lead my life, there are only so many people that can stay in my heart only and so many that can accompany me on that journey.” Some days ago I decided to post it on my blog. Thank you for your response. It was only short and up to the point.


    • Yes “in”, very true! Under the sea is very pretty and trust me life is more peaceful than where we are. but when the storms hits, there are no “nemos” to help. Thank you for stopping by. Was great to read from you. Have a wonderful weekend!

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