Here Comes The Bride – Pippa Middleton


Well, it is the dream of every girl to find their prince charming one day.  But for Pippa it has been more than a fairy tale.  Pippa Middleton grew up in Berkshire with brother James, and sister Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.001 B.jpgPippa became a popular figure after her sister Kate, found fame in the social circle of Prince William, son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.  She became mostly known on the day of her sister’s wedding to Prince William when the world focused on her bum in that bridesmaid dress she was wearing.  Since then Pippa had been in the limelight behind the lenses of parparazzi in every social aspects of her life.wenn3316805.jpg

Pippa-Middleton-flashes-engagement-ring-in-floral-dressPippa  arrived in a vintage car with his father James Middleton to tied the knot to his boyfriend James Mathews, yesterday 20th May 2017, at the 12th century church of St Mark’s in Englefield in Berkshire.  

001 A - Here comes the Bride - Pippa Middleton After the Wedding Pippa and her husband, James Mathews shared a kiss for the world on the steps of the St Mark’s church, accompanied by the Page Boys and Bridesmaids. Her niece, Princess Charlotte and nephew Prince George were Bridesmaid and Page Boy at their aunty Pippa’s wedding. 



Pippa and kds.jpgSince Pippa was 23 years old, one handsome prince had a crush over her.  Just over a year ago, Pippa met his beau who had a dream he once knew. Jame Mathews and  Pippa fell in love.  According to true stories, Jame Mathews had pursued Pippa for ten long years.   And ten years later the dream of this same prince came true, and he wedded Pippa in a lavish style and took her home on his arms as Mr and Mrs James Mathews!  Not only that she will be Mrs Mathews, but she will carry the title of  “Lady Glen Affric.”011 A - Finally Mr and Mrs


One aspect that is amazing about Pippa is that she showed the world that she is not a royal, and she lived an independent lifestyle that no one had a say and this made her truly the woman of her own desire.

Her husband drove her home in a vintage Jaguar E-type car where fans and lovers of Pippa Middleton waited alongside the country road of Berkshire to wave good luck to them.  

Jaguar 02


Jaguar 01It maybe the wedding of  the year!  This is a Pippamania lifestyle!  

001Good Luck to Mr and Mrs James Mathews!011 B


Please Note that words are my properties and pictures belongs to various photographers and news tabloids.

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