Photos of the past!

003I am bringing back a bit of my past that I have already posted on certain occasions here on my blog.  Like we say, “the past is a good place to visit.” My white and blue jug vase never ceased to accompany some flowers, I love filling this jug with flowers, wouldn’t you if you have some jugs like mine?

021-3Well I hope that you have all find a way to let go of January 2017, just happened to be and gone so soon. The days were so far so good around here. It seemed like I was always in the mood of my sewing machine that I am still learning a lot of its function as it does have over 500 types of stitches and different types of functions.  Here, below my photo was to remember some incidence that happened in France and I was keeping in mind the families and friends of those who lost their lives.dsc_0001Although it’s my natural readiness, I’ve noticed that, for whatever reason, I’ve been feeling much more reflective as of late. Often, throughout the day, it seems like there are always certain people and ideas that drift to the surface of my mind and then dawdle there.   Pink and white are some of my favourite colours as they are shown in my vase.016I think of my daughter, wondering and worrying about her success in life, hoping that I’m helping to guide her in the drift that life has the best in store for her. I think of myself and my dreams, praying that I will accomplish all that I have planned before the days quickly elapse. And I think of my father at that grand old age and his health is not doing that good.  I think of my few good friends and all of you who kept my blog going… I am grateful for the valuable gravity and expressions that everyone brings to my world.  I love my copper vase and my metal tray that was given to me by my old friend Marion who passed way last March 2016 at the age of 74 years old.  Rest in  Peace Marion!  I am sharing your love to the world.216Actually that I am no longer into school run and since my daughter is fully a grown up adult and expanding her wings, it feels nice to being able to plan my routines and just let certain things unfold without plans. It is our duties to be mothers and knowing that one day they give us back our days, isn’t that so lovely.  I adore my vintage vase, some small carnations with some vintage books.  I do like table cloth at times on my table.   Not to forget that I sewed myself.012-q-croppedAnyway, now that things have calmed down a bit after the hectic Christmas and New Year Holiday Festivities, I finally have some time doing lots of things that I haven’t even planned but is fun that it is happening and am attending to them. My picture depicts a day in the month of November since I still remember that it was my birthday and I treated myself to some beautiful flowers which I arranged in a teapot.018Therefore I thought I’d do a précis of some past photos I have blogged some years ago by picking a few of my favourites.  I noticed as I started looking through my old posts that I was mostly choosing flowers so I thought I’ll create a theme for this post. Every year I do flower arrangements for my home and post them to my blog.  I am so much in love with my vintage cauldron and since it was empty, I decided to drop the flowers and leaves in a glass jar and then arranged it in the cauldron which looked absolutely pretty.dsc_0067-2This was a day I thought that my lampshade is too neutral and I wanted the light a bit darker, I wrapped one of my winter scarves around the shade and it turned out beautiful like a design and one wouldn’t even knew that it was a scarf if it wasn’t told so.  And I love the shabby chic look of it.dscn3305I tried to detail the photos after every paragraph but since I have even forgotten for what topic they were, I am only remembering some points about them.019On the shelf was just some arrangement of white and green of some money plants with a vintage design candle house.dscn4262-copyNow that January is gone it is time about time for the cold weather to calm down a bit and we are all thinking of Spring season when all the trees will start budding, what do you think?010In the post above I showed my genre of re-arranging my cookery books and I loved how it turned out and that I had lots of room to pouring a cup of tea too.  I love carnations.  Do you love them too?031

dsc_0034Well, lastly this is my everyday room where I relax after a hard day of work where my daughter and myself catch up for some mother and daughter conversations.  You may have realised that I love old suitcases, yes I do, since it does a good job at decorating with them if only you know what you want to do and how you want to decorate your own corner of your home. 007The picture reminded me that I was trying to grow tropical plants in my house – bless me, eventually I wasn’t successful!027With this post, I just want to thank you for your time out of your busy schedule for visiting my blog in the past year.001

018-2Please note that writings and pictures are my original properties – Thank you.

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