500 000 Views!

What a wonderful soul is oneanna65. she inspires everybody who gets to know her. She is a star. She is not too well, but she is ok. Please do visit her and be inspired by what she has to tell you. Thank you Juli.

cancer killing recipe

Yes, I have 1/2 a Million all time Views on my Blog!
That’s a lot.

It all started on March 5th 2012 when I posted my first page “Cancer Killing Recipe”.
I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I was told that I have to post more pages, so i kept writing and posting…

First Month I got only few Views.
Next Month was little better.
I keep writing and posting.

And than, on July 19 2012 I got 1.605 Views in that one single day!
This was my best day ever.

So I keep blogging.
Almost every day I’m reading some Blogs, send some “likes”, 🙂 , ❤ and few Hugs…
Posting some new pages now and then…

Blogging gives my Life new meaning.
It makes me happy, that sometime I can inspire someone…
I have 12.470 Comments on my Blog.
On my lousy day I read some…

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