Easter Is One Greatest Event In History

Once again spring has arrived and I am loving it.  London has been a shockingly warm and sunny place this week.  Every trees and gardens are starting to bloom, and the birds are chirping – that means Easter has already arrived.  I never understood how they decide on the date for Easter, but this year it is on March 27th

I am rather late for my Easter blogging this year, and it is only a few hours before Easter Sunday.

Actually many churches have already done their preparations for Easter Sunday.  Lilies and Daffodils are already been done.

I am not a church goer at this present time of my life.  When I was a child, I grew up in a well Anglican Church of England family who believed in their faith from generations to generations.  My parents showed me the way and the door to my faith until I hit Adulthood.  By that time my life changed due to being professional and I took a big break from church, but always knowing that I was a Christian and I always believed in my faith

Many years after, my daughter arrived into my world.  And there came the time that I had to do exactly what my parents gave to me.  I was a mum.  I started to hit the door of the church with my little girl every single Sunday to show her the same way and journey of my church and the christian life I was to embrace in her.                                                                                            When she turned 6, she joined the Choir of St Augustine in our Parish.  As a mother I did my duties too, I joined lots of other mothers in all activities within the church.  I enjoyed the days as much as my daughter did herself.  The Children’s choir was a big family.  She was a Chorister for 12 years, and within that 12 years, I saw myself going up and down between home and church, every Friday night for Chorister evening practice, another day for Girl’s Guide and Sunday for family service.  I lived this life for 12 years only to show my girl the christian tradition of our family.  Yes I did!After she started University, she took a break from Chorister to concentrate in her studies.  And as a mother I also took a break,  but not to say I don’t believe and I am not a christian.  I had so many things to attend to in my life.  And I believe that I don’t have to go to church to be a christian.  I am still a member of my Anglican Church of England and I will remain there until the end of my life’s journey.

I may have drifted away from a lot of important things, but the Sunday that still matters most is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  

Easter at home is more or less a normal Sunday.  We only plan to cook a different dish to our normal Sundays.  And this year 2016, Easter Sunday is a Stay at home and having a quiet day.

May I take this great moment to wish everyone a Wonderful Easter Sunday!
Thank you for Stopping By!
(Pictures and writings belongs to My Country Epoque and they are my original properties).

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