They Are Still Beautiful In Their Vintage Rustic Manner!

When The Past Was Pre-Loved And Lost Its Owner
We all have heard that the past is a good place to visit!  There are many wonders from “then” that have been forgotten, and hence we think that they should be dump and let go, but there are also many beautiful aspects of the past that we don’t want to lose because they can still be re-purposed, and live with us again.  
As in my case today, I went to visit an old friend of mine who’s husband takes care of an old yard filled with lots of oldies, but goodies.  I found these two beautiful pieces of Victorian Era – Chandelier Candle Holder and Fire Place.  
I did not resist to take pictures of both pieces.  I thought it would be a great topic for my blog today. 
This is a Cast Iron Fire Place.  It is a very, very heavy object.  It has lost its senses to be loved!  Such a beauty without love!
Thank you for having a read!
(Please note that pictures and writings belongs to me)

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