Our Home And Vintage Country Flower Arrangement

I went out to my local flower shop today and I picked up some Gladiolus and Iris for the home. 
And plus I love reading about Flower Arrangements.  I collected some books many years ago and this one book in pictures today was first published in 1992. It is about Country Flower Arrangements.
 The page below an almost all green arrangement that included some unusual materials.  Three leek flowers rise high at the back, there are seeds and some leaves of angelica, parsley and Canna indica, and the flowers and leaves acanthus.  The acanthus leaves form a striking  background for the aubergines and artichokes that make up the focal point  
 Some pink Gladiolus and its green leaves that had fallen off which I used them for the teapot.  The pink is liking the White and Blue vase as a change of colours. And with a floral Spring Tulips table cloth, to give a vintage outlook.
A sponge-ware china jug is a suitably simple container for a bunch of sweet peas – on the left page,.  The right page shows a butcher’s block makes a base for the large arrangement.   An old wired bucket holds the full-blown summer mixture which includes hydrangeas, delphiniums, astilbe, Canterbury bells, and the rich leaves of copper beech.  There are also three plastic cones on sticks hidden at different points, to enable the peonies to be arranged high in the display and not just at the bottom.  (Do not forget to top the cones up regularly with water if you use them, as they do not hold much water and the level will drop very quickly, especially if you place more than one stem in each cone).
Some blue Iris at home for the week accompanied in a Chinese white and blue vase.
Below – left picture is the rustic accessories in an entrance hall are complemented by a large, antique crock generously filled with fennel with its strong anise fragrance – simple yet effective idea.
Right – picture shows a distinctive container that was used for collecting grapes. It is made of slatted wood and has a flat back so it fits cosily near the wall.  The arrangement is very large and makes an impressions if you have guests coming in.  The tall sunflowers have dried to a warm taupe shade and have a coarse texture.  They make a bold contrast of form amongst preserved beech leaves, dried pussy willow, dried acanthus flowers, dried dock seeds, dried bulrushes and tortured will ow branches. 
Some blue Gladiolus accompanied our pink and white pitcher vase with coconuts, large coastal pebbles and a dried fruit.  

 Picture Below – When it is mum’s or grandma’s birthday.  It could also be a vintage birthday celebration.  A time to bring out this collection of old floral patterned china for a birthday tea.  
The large jug is filled with a selection of mixed blue and purple flowers : Lisianthus, cornflower, delphiniums gentian and eryngium.  and many more blue and purple flowers.  And if you are deciding for a vintage tea birthday party, you can also choose other types of flowers.  You don’t have to stick to the blues.  
Baskets, antique and new, tine pans, a cast-iron boiler. a wooden barrel and trug, straw, willow and vine wreaths, clay pots and jugs: these are just some ideas for container and bases with which to create country-style flower arrangements.
Thank you for visiting my country home style Blog.  I appreciate your presence and I hope you keep returning for a fresh read.

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