1940’s War and Post War Fashion Trend

Hello everybody!  I haven’t updated my blog for over a month now.  I have been busy and plus I was away for some days at Summer season.  I am happy to be back and blogging again.  I keep working at updating my blog on a regular basis.
Today the Theme is all about War Time and Post War Time Fashion Trend.  It is a short and simple post about Ladies War time fashion lifestyle.
Dressing up in the 1040’s Fashion
Vintage fashion never goes out of style.  It can be fearful at first when wearing vintage.  You don’t have to wear a complete vintage outfit,  you can always blend some vintage pieces together with the rest of the other pieces from your wardrobe, and be cautious how to pair them together.  You will be the outstanding vintage girl before you know it.

Fashion Started to change massively, like for example, women’s dresses and skirts were sewn at a shorter length.  Bare legs became more visible as the most important attractive attribute of the early 1940’s character.  Shoulder pads saw a popular interest in the fashion success for men and women, as it became a likeness to the silhouette. 

 After 1945
Dressed for well-being.  As the world came to the end of the post war success after 1945, fashions became more detailed and tolerant again.  
Imitation of designers popular trends became fashion and had a marvellous response to the wartime cutback look.  It could be a tailored, pleated dress with a nipped waist or a small skirt with a small waist and wide hips that flared out into a mid-knee length.
The vintage outfit was completed with matched jeweleries, hats, gloves, and handbags and it had as many colours to choose from.

 Cocktail Ensemble
Cocktail outfit became more elegant than the everyday wear in the late 1940’s for casual or early dinners.  for women, this implied wearing dresses in impressive fabrics with a maxi or knee-length hem and including elements such as a low-cut beautified with tulle or chiffon.  Over and above that, high heels became elegantly fashioned and wedges became less worn

 Sleeveless Bareback
The war transformed fashion styles into a much simpler way to merge with the new lifestyle.  As women began to enjoy more leisure time, bare back wear became a popular trend in the post war fashion industry

 Tropical Floral Theme
After the post war, Tropical and Floral attires became very popular.  They were given as gifts to ladies from their loved ones.  This attributed to a more commercially and demanding in island tropical themed fashions and home decoration.  Tropical styled parties were popular by both men and women during the war, and after the war the world started to catch up with such fashionable trend.  Tropical prints were taking the world by storm then.  Floral shirts were the beach party most-liked of the boys.

Thank you for stopping by to read about my short paragraphs of post war vintage fashion trend.

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