Visiting The South-West of France in 2013

(Please Note All Pictures and writings Featured Here Belongs To Me!)

France is one of the my most adorable destination, and 2013 I decided it was time again to go back to Aquitaine and this time my journey was to arrive in the “Landes” countryside, which is a department in the South-Western part of the Metropolitan France and the capital is “Mont De Marsan.”

Aquitaine is the 6th most populated region in France.  Spending a “Landaise Holiday,” made me realised that many residents also have some knowledge of Basque, which is of a dialect of Occitan.
I arrived at Bordeaux Airport and was quickly transferred by a bus shuttle which the French calls “La Navette,” that took us directly to the Bordeaux Train Station.  Bordeaux is the largest city in Aquitaine and it is also the Capital of Aquitaine.
The Bordeaux St Jean train station is a beautiful structure.  It has got all the French-Roman style and is a very old building that has beautiful characters.  
From Bordeaux St Jean, I connected with my next trip to “Dax” which is an old town in the Landes Department.  
My trip to Dax was an amazing journey.  One thing anyone would realise is that you can never travel in France without passing through the beautiful green French countryside. The country rail journeys are always peaceful, quiet, beautiful and most of all relaxing.
Dax is a city well know for its “Fontaine Chaude” constructed by the Romans in the 1800’s.  It is the only city in France which is famous for specialising in mud treatment for rheumatism.
The “Fontaine Chaude” is where there is a pool of hot thermal water inside a Roman style structure built in the 19th century.  The water is somewhat around 62 degrees celcius.  
The “Fontaine Chaude” is closed all round by a fence and the taps with thermal water pouring out.  Like I mentioned above the water is said to relieve the rheumatism and the problems related to veins. Public can gain access only to the taps of water which they can have the experience to feel the temperature of the water. And “I did!”  
The Dax Cathedral “Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Dax” is a National Monument of France. This Roman Catholic Cathedral was constructed by the Romans in the 16th century.  
According to history, this Gothic structure collapsed in 1646 and the cathedral and it was rebuilt at which point it was finished at the end of the 19th century.
A Roman Statue and his dog.  I found this monument so sweet that  
I did not leave without taking a picture of both.  So sweet a picture!
Dax is a city well visited by tourists from Europe and the rest of the world.  I walked past this stone house and I took a pic of this beautiful structure.
I thought the front entrance of the house was amazing and the large French door caught my attention
I thought if going over the road would give me the chance to capture that beautiful stone house with the pretty French shutters in Red.  
Aquitaine is the largest pine forest in Europe. I enjoyed visiting part of the Landes Forest with its beauty of ferns growing abundantly at the roots of the pine trees.
This forest is not only about the pine trees and the ferns.  
The French would go to collect mushrooms after rainy days.
Roaming around the Landes Forest was one of my fun activity of 
my holiday and I enjoyed it very much
one of the most beautiful forest I have ever visited.  This forest also grows
different other types of beautiful wild trees and together with the pines
it makes it a beautiful green place to visit.

I hope you have enjoyed travelling with me through the 
“Landes” department of Aquitaine.  
Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all a great week ahead

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