Richmond – A Town within a Borough – “The Borough of Richmond Upon Thames”

There are some places you go to that you will always remember to go back again one day.

Richmond is a charming little village and town having an old-fashioned attractiveness within “The Borough of Richmond Upon Thames.”
Nestled on the River Thames, Richmond is part of the Outer London and is the only borough alone that lies on both sides of the River Thames.
Richmond is home to Richmond Park, Twickenham Rugby Stadium, Kew Garden, Hampton Court Palace, and the National Physical Laboratory.  The Richmond American University, St Mary’s University College and many more educational venues lies in Richmond and its Borough. 
The pictures I am posting here are my own and the ancient buildings captured my imagination. 
 It may not be the “London Eye”, but trust me, it is surely the “Richmond Eye” 

 Advertisements of Plays that takes place at the Richmond Theatre
The Richmond Theatre
It is a British Victorian Theatre located on the Richmond Green
For further knowledge and readings about this interesting and special landmark, I managed to find you this link that you will be able to read and learn more about the story of this beautiful soul.
 And this is why I love “Wisteria”  –  This piece of art captured my eyes.  This building may be many a 100 years old, but the Wisteria creates a special beauty to the outside of it.

 The above image is same as the one below.  Again the Wisteria creates its own beauty for this century old structure.  

  I would imagine the Wisteria is playing a character in the postings of today.  “The Famous Wisteria” of the Topic

 Above and below – Same image of an ancient terrace house.  This home still lives with its old and vintage characters.  

The blue door and the decorative windowsills are amazing

Thank you for having taken the time to visit and read my postings of today.  I wish you all a happy weekend

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