Re-Purpose, Transform And Create

Hello, I spent this weekend doing a massive Spring cleaning.  I made a final decision that anything which my hands do not touch from January to December, must go to the charity shop.  

I love decorating with things from outdoors.  And lots of things you can gather do not cost a penny. I went rather simple with some of my decorations which is a jar full of coastal pebbles which I collected sometime ago during my last visit down the southern coast.

Some fresh cut flowers and tropical plants made it simple, beautiful and inviting.
 Good old roses

An old wicker basket and vintage Cauldron made it together and found a corner in the home.  
 My Pitcher Vase accompanied some Pink and white Chrysanthemum
Shabby and Chic
 The good old roses with a touch of blue

 As I mentioned previously, I am trying some tropical plants which I put them in the top of a glass vase full of water.  As far as I remember this tropical plant grows abundantly in tropical countries. And they grow under trees where there are waters running through the roots of trees.  They don’t like the sun at all.  Therefore I am trying to see if they will keep growing.  

Thank you for stopping by today and I wish you all a marvelous week full of sunshine, families and friends. 

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