My Return to “EEL PIE ISLAND” – An Island With-in A Famous Town

Such as this, let the natural grandeur and the wonder of the island harbours your thoughts and fill your eyes in awe forever…….
The “Eel Pie Island” lies in the River Thames in the small town of “Twickenham.”
“Twickenham” is a town in south west London on the River Thames in the London Borough of “Richmond upon Thames”.  Twickenham is one of the most well-known town in the United Kingdom as it is home to the most “Famous English Rugby Ground.”  The home of the Rugby Federation is also in Twickenham.  Note, the Twickenham Rugby Stadium is the world’s largest stadium for Rugby.  

As we all know that a plane journey can transport the whole world to different parts of the world in just hours.  But there are visits and journeys that can only take us a couple of minutes to reach a place of wonder, that we could also share with the rest of the world.  And such visit is of mine, on the island of “Eel Pie” in the United Kingdom.  

At the entrance of the island you find the Notice Board that Welcomes Visitors to the island, detailing some informative aspects of what is going on at the island.

Leaving the Notice Board Behind me, was the start of my little journey on the Island.

“Never be afraid to take a new path…..”  A new path could lead you to somewhere extraordinary, it could change the way you think, and it could also change your lifestyle, it could even change you forever .. who knows! (you never know what might be waiting round the corner).  Therefore, my trail down to the island started right here!   And not only that, a trail walk between the green fresh foliage, was so refreshing, cool and away from the bustle of the small Twickenham Rugby Town.  
 The island is known to be owned by private owners, in other words, the whole island is privately owned.  The green gate with its green vegetation mounting its wall, it was such a pleasure to feel the quiet and tranquility atmosphere of this beautiful island.  
A Beautiful Friend – Life takes us to different parts of the world, and on different types of journeys.  And on this journey on the island, I did met with a wonderful little girl.  She was so pretty, and she too was visiting the island.
 She is such a beauty, adorable and well behaved.  I made friend with her, and plus I chatted with her mummy about  her, and She surely knew that we were talking about her.  She was so lovely – and here she is being featured on my blog.  I also exchanged the name of my blog with her mummy so she can read about her over the blog.  Life is such a journey, and though we lose friends at some points in life, we still meet beautiful friends on the way, and a journey is part of life.
Blink Water – I was amazed at the beautiful blue iron gate, lavished by beautiful green foliage, the Ivys, not only dominant, but beautiful.  You might be wondering, and I am wondering too, – how more beautiful could it be beyond the green and the blue.  (See, I know what you are all thinking).  Same here! haha

I wouldn’t continue my journey without noticing the side of the gate. The green vegetation are so beautiful and it adds a pretty theme to the outside of the property.

 This island is lavished by only green vegetation on both sides all along the pathway.

The Boat House – Well Well, you read about my blogging, don’t you?  You must all know something about me by now, and I am pretty sure, you know what I am going to say about this picture, don’t you?  “OLD, SHABBY and CHIC” hahaha, I fell in love with this old shabby Boat House.  This beauty has all the Vintage Characters I could imagine in this whole world.   I definitely know that you and I are wondering about the same thing, “What lies beyond the wooden steps”  huh!  I would love to know.  Am I being too Cheekie now? Well let’s continue……. 

The Art Studio – Artist Studio owned by a private owner – or perhaps the lady without the bra,  LOL.
Hurley Cottage – I love the combination of colours used to paint the dated cottage.  This island features old traditional homes.  It is an island well versed with retired personnel who owns their own private properties.  Each and every home has a beautiful garden

The Eel Pie Club – This ancient corrugated building hosted ball-room dancing during the 1920s and 1930s.  And in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s The club saw the welcoming of many famous names of R&B like Ronnie Wood, The Rolling Stones and many, many others.  It was known as one of the famous venue for well known bands in the then years.

Still today the club is still running and hosting Rhythms and Blues all through the year.  It gives membership to whoever wants to become a member. Members do obtain discounts on tickets for musical blues and Rhythms that takes place throughout the year.  

The interesting aspect of this club is that it still keeps its original features of the 60’s.   
   A View of some old shabby writings nailed on the corrugated sheets of the club
A closer view of the 60’s Musical Club
This island does feature lots of beautiful cottages – A pretty cottage with Spring yellow roses trying to take its toll.
Beautiful small cottage homes and boat yards, built in a shack and overgrown by green bushes.  I love the lifestyle on the island.  It is beautiful.
Beautiful wild white flowers blooming on the island.  The island is enduring its Spring season.
A couple of residential homes scattered behind the green bushes
A Beautiful cottage alongside the pathway down the island
The Cruise Master – is a boat yard  privately owned.  With beautiful wild white flowers on each side of the entrance, which makes you feel a warm welcome at the Cruise Master boat yard.
 A closer view of the boat yard name “Cruise Master.”

The Iron Post Letter Box at the entrance of the Cruise Master boat yard caught my attention.  It has lots of beautiful characters.  It is indeed a vintage piece of art.  It has got a crown on top of the letter box, 

I managed to shot a clear view what what lies beyond the Master Cruise boat yard.  Seems there is a boat being repaired in the centre of the yard.  On the left side of the yard, the corrugated vintage store caught my attention. And on the right side of the yard there is a wooden log store, or perhaps a log house.  

I would imagine, as far as I have seen, the Eel Pie Island still live with the value of the past.  It still boasts the characters of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  And what is so amazing, those characters are still standing.

The Love Shack – Well, only thinking if it is a Shack for Lovers!, I wanted to open the gate, and (I guess it is only the name for the cottage)
Half Mannequin, what a nice way to decorate the garden I could imagine.  Did you notice the Broken Tiled Steps?  The Dwarf?? Right, But for the time being, let’s call it “THE DWARF PROPERTY OF THE LOVE SHACK.”

 The Dwarf, the Half Mannequin, The bushes, The broken tiled Steps – .  Seems to me that it could also be that the owner does not live there the whole year through.  As beyond the gate to the steps was very untouched, and plus going up and down a broken tiled steps is not safe at all.  Could the property be empty?  Well I am still puzzled by questions without at least an answer.

My story about the Love Shack is not over yet.  The Love Shack has a beautiful vintage Shabby Chic Post Box at the Entrance of the property.  Same colour as “Royal Mail.” – The Patriotic Love Shack ha!
And the Post Box is lavished by wild vegetation.

Rowing Club The Eel Pie island is also home to Twickenham Rowing Club, one of the oldest rowing clubs on the Thames, and Richmond Yacht Club.

As I continue the journey down the path way beyond the gate
It is the Rowing Boat Yard. Plus this is where youth, and adults follows Rowing lessons.
On the side of the Rowing Boat Yard are residential homes  
Eel Pie Island and The Law –  I would imagine that “The Law Has Spoken!”
  Yes, I understood the law, but I had to continue my way.  Residential homes and beautiful vegetation dominating its fences around the properties.
Beautiful greens emerging from the fence of the residential homes.  And it creates beauty upon the pathway down the island.  
Eel Pie Island boasts many boat yards, and most of the businesses are to do with boating.  Thus that the island lies in the River Thames, many properties on the island operates boating companies.   
And again, this is the largest boat yard on the island.  I was so nosie, I even look inside and it was only a large boat yard where they build and repair boats. 
 Like we say, Life is a journey, and on every journey, we have to also wonder, but here on this journey, at this wooden door, only the Ivys, could tell me what is beyond “Palm Beach.” Or, if only the black letter box could talk.  I am so much enjoying my day out on the island – because everything seems to be a “Wonder,”  haha.  

Kent Lodge– A beautiful old Cottage with a beautiful garden,  In the midst of all the green trees, the splendour, the tranquility, the peace and quiet, beauty, this cottage has got them all.  

At the Entrance of the Kent Lodge
A closer view of the Kent Lodge – The red brick steps is my main feature, not forgetting the wooden bird hut in the garden
And find here the front garden of the Kent Lodge Cottage.  The Pond, – is the centre of attraction
The Moorings – Beyond this gate lies a beautiful home with a massive garden overlooking the River
Well my visit on the island is nearly over.  Back at the entrance of the Island, is the view of the River Thames and its river bank.  You may have thought already that it was a very hot sunny day, indeed it was.
Visitors and residents can only access the island via the foot bridge.  No vehicles can access the island.

As I was leaving the island, I captured some residential homes on the river bank of the Thames. These homes also lies on the island too. 

What a beautiful view of the River Thames on a Sunny day.  And in the Distance,  you can catch the glimpse of the tower of the “Church of St Mary The Virgin” that stands on the River Thames. 
And last but not least, the “Super Soft” ice cream van was the soul purpose to cool down a hot sunny day.  Keeping the families and especially the kids happy.
Well well, I have come to the end of my visit on the “Eel Pie Island.”  Thank you for having been here to visit the island together with me.  We had a fantastic journey together, and let’s hope soon we will visit another part of the world together again.  Who knows?  

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