"Back Road Country Style " – 50’s, 60’s & 70’s

Good evening everyone,

Surely I’m still alive and well, despite my lack of activity on my blog.  I’ve been about at doing some sewing and crafts mainly. It’s not that I did not want to blog, I was also busy with other things that were catching up with me and I needed time to sort them matters out.  I am now having some free time and have come back to blogging again.  As you all may well know that I shall never stop blogging, which is one of the best activities that keeps me going and writing about all the happenings in the actual vintage spheres.

My Page today features the 50’s to 70’s days of Vintage Fashion Life style.

The 50’s 60’s 70’s were the years full of excitement and it was that time when lots of historical, social and political aspects of life were also changing.  After a great read and searches about vintage clothing, I came across some good learning that Dresses changes from one design to another and shows that one dress features another.  

when it comes to girl’s vintage fashion, there’s actually lots of ideas to piece together to create that long time ago trend that everybody is talking about.  Vintage dresses is the one Topic of this 21st century girls’ style.  And in today’s world of fashion industry, vintage dresses are the most talked about  and surely they are the most fashionable trends amongst the youths who call themselves “The Vintage Girls.”

As the 50’s, 60’s 70’s are good places to visit, I am blogging today about same style of dresses that was most probably being worn those days are today back in the life of the new vintage society our 21st century trend.  

In today’s society, young girls and women have become more aware of the characters that vintage lifestyles had upon those days.  They are well versed in many ways to bring the characters back in the life of the new century and if to say, about 70% of young girls and women of today are following the 50’s to 70’s vintage fashion lifestyle.

Looking back on the years, if only clothes and fashion style could talk to us, “vintage” would have the most responses for us.

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