It is time for a bit of mix vintage modern and true vintage style fashion clothing.

I love writing a lot about my blog.  And my theme is always about Vintage lifestyle.  Today I am stepping out of the 1950’s or 1960’s style. I am sharing with you some fabulous vintage looks with a mix of true vintage and modern vintage style clothing.
 These patterns may have been in my grandmother’s or my mother’s closet when I was being born.  I grew up seeing my grandmother and my mother dressing in their vintage sense of fashion.  And today  when I look back in the 70’s I still see the dresses that my grandma and my mother wore.  And If I could turn back the clock, I would be keeping all the clothes that they had.  At some point, I was very young, and when I came to be at the age of comprehension, their clothes had grown old and gone.  And today I am here in the same sense they had both, I am venturing into their world as I am passionately loving the Vintage Lifestyle they had, I wish they were here.   
And my goal is to achieve my customers’ hearts of those who loves vintage.

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