A Summer Walk On and Around The River Thames – (Summer 2014)

“Thoughts”  of a walk on the River Thames in the Summer of 2014.  
I ran out of time to share with you these beautiful pictures when
the sun was shining over the River Thames.  I thought it would
be a super time to remind ourselves some sunny days to warm 
up the cold winter nights!
A vicarage stands behind the iron gate and stone wall overtaken by
beautiful green ivys. 
Cottages surrounded by beautiful green vegetations and Wisterias.  
Looks fresh and cool

Cottage and beautiful garden in a very quiet residential corner.

Blue iron gate overtaken by lush vegetation.  behind the gate is kind of an untouched secret garden with trees growing abundantly 

Green Door in the Stone Wall with climbing leaves.  every door has a secret to tell, if only they could speak

Green leaves and trees overlooking a residential garden on the River

A beautiful Terrace home with the pretty Westerias dominating.  

Blue door French Style Cottage stands on the river thames.

My camera did not resist to capture the climbing white and yellow roses with the green ivys occupying the terrace homes.

Beautiful blue sweet peas flowing over the fences.  

Climbing yellow roses mounting the terrace house.

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