Those Days were the days. But those days can still make a difference in the life we live today!

The thought of mum’s house, or even grandma had her vintage table in that corner of her home or mum had hers by the window.  With that Vintage Cut Glass Vase standing on them tables, filled with the flowers cut fresh from the garden. How many of us remembers?

Overtaken by Technology! – Them days when we waited to read that beautiful handwritten letter from grandma, or from an old school friend who left the town many years ago.  What interesting lifestyle vintage days had upon us.  That morning the post man knocked the door and handed the letter that was written on the floral letter writing pad.  The letter we kept for many years in that vintage trunk. The letter we would go back to and read time and time, again and again, reminding us of that family who left and never returned.  It was sentimental.  Today all these moments have vanished.  Our children will never know what was said, and how it was written down and who wrote the letter.  

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