Retro Vintage Wooden Trug with flowers

Following my yesterday’s first post of entering the blogging world, I can believe that I have hitherto invaded the world of blogging.dscn2307I am sharing my second post to the world.  I received  a Retro Vintage Wooden Trug  today made by a friend of mine.  I couldn’t think of anything else than to run down to my flower market and brought home some flowers.  And plus I am a keen buyer of glass jars of jams which I often keep one or two empty jars after the jam is finished.   Using the glass jars to lay out my flowers and to show the world how it would make a beautiful decoration anywhere in the  home.dscn2306You don’t always need a flower vase to arrange some flowers in the home.  The Trug is painted in a few shades of colors..  one side is blue and the other side is dark green and I have shown both sides of the trug in two different pictures.




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